Fuel My Fire - Can I Keep A Friend's Stuff Alive?

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Hiya … is it possible to fuel someone else’s beacon, and have complete control over it in permissions?

Essentially, if my friend lets me look over her stuff whilst she’s away, can I do everything that she could (barring removing them)? With the appropriate permissions, of course.

I did search and couldn’t find a perfect answer … but also … ADHD (sorry).

Not at this time.

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I know you can fuel the beacon with the right perms… but as far as “full control” that is a different thing.


Cheers, folks! Much obliged! :slight_smile:

If you created a guild for the pair of you (where you’re both Director) and aligned the beacon to it, turning on the Guild Control option you should have every option available to the owner with the exception that you cannot add or remove plots, reclaim or delete the beacon, and you cannot take over ownership.

What you can do however is rename the beacon, rename the settlement, fuel the beacon and you have full build perms inside the beacon including interacting with locks.


Ah, that’s excellent … thanks! :slight_smile:

So I guess that begs the question … can I be in more than one guild?

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Yeah dude, you can be in a few different guilds. I think it’s like 10 different guilds and as many factions as you want within each of those guilds

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Oh! … hahahah … that’s amazing!


Can I choose not to display a guild when I’m socialising?

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You can display the tag of one guild only. For the rest of the guilds you’re in, you will see other guildmates and they will see you with a blue icon if you’re concerned about that.

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As for not displaying any active guild at all… I’m not actually sure, I’ve honestly never tried. I’m pretty sure the answer is no though and you always display a guild if you’re in one

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Hmmm … OK, cheers, folks.

Looks like I should create a nonsense Guild with my mate, then … just to hide the rest.

I’ll figure out how to pick my displayed guild, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Your friend could give you full permissions on the beacon under “permissions”, no guild required

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A guild also caters for if they decide to place an advanced lock down, for whatever reason. If that’s not going to happen then it’s not needed, but I like doing the friend guild thing anyway as it makes future beacons and/or multiple characters extremely quick and easy

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Yes. She has to go into her beacon, find you inside of it and check all boxes next to your name. You will have full control besides deleting that beacon, adding or removing plots.

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