Fuelling portals

We are a team of 2 we are having a hard time keeping or portal fuel up. 2 by 2 .
With all the other projects we are doing in boundless. We are mostly only evening players

Would like to know what what other people’s experience is with this

Development Team would it be a good idea to double Direction of ore before it runs out

It seems like sometimes I have no other time I’m to do something else it’s then look for mediars

Have a pleasant day


In 4 hours there is a hunt you can join


Yeah I’d recommend going on a group hunt. They’re about an hour and half long but they’ll usually net you about 250 rough oort, or enough to power that 2x2 for a month ish : )


I agree with the others. Watch discord for hunting group announcements & universal chat. They’ve been announcing them pretty regularly in universal chat lately.

Going with a group is the best thing you can do because they will pull in the largest lvl 6 meteors, in the shortest amount of time - which will give you about 300 raw oort in an hour and half (+/-). Not to mention all of the creature drops and other things that you can collect and sell to request baskets. Doing this 2-3 times a month should be more than plenty to keep your portal fueled (once you’ve put the oort through the extractor to get shards).


I cannot say how many times do i have to repeat myself with This but you Only need 1x2
Then you just use other networks.
People Who
Complain Or say its Hard To keep portals are usually not using 1x2.

I dont see the point complaining the whole portal system fueling when you are not using cheapest.
Other than that is just laziness Or showing off

The devs see the game as a survival game where you are busy with repetitive tasks instead of mainly doing what you enjoy. The forum will tell you that you don’t need big portals if you don’t want to spend your limited time farming Oort - that you play the game wrong. They are probably right - which doesn’t mean you’re complaint is wrong or should be belittled.

To me the game would be better if it would be less grindy, which includes feeding portals. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a less grindy game would have a bigger player retention. It’s telling how many hubs or networks get announced just to disappear again within a month. Competition in this game is not with who can build the best and most useful network but who can keep it running.

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More than just the devs see it this way.
If all grind/survival elements were removed I would stop playing - grind and survival elements provide immersion, and without that immersion I could care less about anything else in the Boundless universe.

There just needs to be better explanation of what the game actually IS so that new players don’t try to play a different game and then get disappointed when they don’t have fun doing activities that don’t mesh properly with the game mechanics, such as

  • expecting every player to be able to open and maintain a portal hub, and portals in general (I’ve seen a lot of people that expect oort/h to be purely blinksec based, rather than portal size based)
  • being able to gather/craft everything self sufficiently without getting bored out of your mind with the grind
  • expecting that they need to become “high level” in order to participate in / contribute to the community as a whole

That being said, don’t bash people for not understanding things… just explain the truth.


Is one 2x2 more expensive than two 1x2 portals?

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one 2x2 is 3x as expensive as one 1x2, so yes.


I have 1 1x2 and 1 1x3. I have access to the PS network and am one hop away through DK mall to TNT. I am able to feel connected to the world at large and not too overwhelmed with the ort cost. I’d love to connect to my store but that feels… like a luxury and I truly don’t want to be beholden to the darn things :wink:


I think the best strategy is to mine gems or silver, sell it, and buy oort shards. You can get enough to fuel it for a month in 20-30 minutes using speed brews, AoE hammers, and starberry pies.

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Many thanks for all your advice

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