Full Resource Cost Breakdown | Advanced Power Coils | Full 5-Machine Set

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Aaah, Power Coils… The wonderful new machines speeding up Crafters everywhere. The Roadrunner’s ba-kok. The best thing since sliced earthyam.

“I haven’t been around for a little while, and I didn’t play this update on Testing, but this seems like a great time to come back!”


Logs in

“I’ve been playing Boundless for a good amount of time, and I have a nice stockpile of resources built up. Let’s pop these new Engine skills and craft ourselves some Advanced Power Coils to play around with!”

*Accesses Workbench and checks recipe"


Yes folks - at first glance, the Advanced Power Coils look to be quite a daunting task to craft - and they are. They require a good few crafting skills, as well as a large amount of resources. The Spark cost alone is enough to drive a man W I L D.

I’m here today to try and help lighten the heavy load on your shoulders as you try to make heads or tails of just how much in the way of resources you need for a full set of 24 Advanced Power Coils for each machine.

Today, I was bored at work, and I had Boundless on my mind, sooo… I decided to calculate the total raw resources it takes to Mass Craft (x25) each of these resource hogs.

I’ll have a full breakdown of what needs crafted into each other below, and the most resource-efficient way of doing so, but here’s the total cost first.



  • Ancient Tech Component: 540
  • Ancient Tech Device: 90
  • Rough Diamond: 140
  • Rough Emerald: 140
  • Rough Ruby: 140
  • Rough Sapphire: 140
  • Rough Topaz: 140
  • Gold Ore: 324 | (742 if Gold Alloy is chosen for the Titanium Furnace Base’s Titanium Alloys)
  • Copper Ore: 324 | (742 - see above)
  • Silver Ore: 492 | (910 if Silver Alloy is chosen for the Titanium Furnace Base’s Titanium Alloys)
  • Iron Ore: 492 | (910 - see above)
  • Titanium Ore: 288

Total Spark Cost: 791,100

Compact Hard Coal for Spark Cost: 88

Okay, now for a more detailed breakdown.

Each Advanced Power Coil Mass Craft requires:

  • 18 Titanium Furnace Base
  • 108 Ancient Tech Component
  • 18 Ancient Tech Device
  • 18 Refined Gems (Different for each machine. I have a feeling the Forge will use the remaining Amethyst.)
  • Either 54 Machined Gold Alloy, or Machined Silver Alloy

Multiply that by five for the full set, and don’t separate them by machine:

  • 90 Titanium Furnace Base
  • 504 Ancient Tech Component
  • 90 Ancient Tech Device
  • 18 of each Refined Gem
  • 108 Machined Gold Alloy
  • 162 Machined Silver Alloy

The Tech is already at its base resource form. Let’s break down the other items to the most resource-efficient way to craft them. Each new shifted bullet point is what it takes to craft the above item.


  • Beacon Control
    • Rock
    • Timber
      • Wood Trunk
    • Foliage

90 Titanium Furnace Base: (x3 (75) Mass Craft, x3 (15) Bulk Craft)

  • 396 Titanium Alloy (x8 Mass Craft)
    • 288 Titanium Bar
    • 576 Gold OR Silver Alloy (x11 (550) Mass Craft, x2 (20) Bulk Craft, x6 (6) Single Craft)
      • 418 Gold OR Silver Bar
      • 418 Copper OR Iron Bar
      • 51,840 Spark
    • 72,000 Spark
  • 32,400 Spark

108 Machined Gold Alloy: (x2 (100) Mass Craft, x1 (10) Bulk Craft)

  • 80 Refined Gold Alloy (x1 (50) Mass Craft, x3 (30) Bulk Craft)
    • 60 Compact Gold Alloy (x1 (50) Mass Craft, x1 (10) Bulk Craft)
      • 440 Gold Alloy (x9 (450) Mass Craft)
        • 324 Gold Bar
        • 324 Copper Bar
        • 40,500 Spark
      • 21,600 Spark
    • 28,800 Spark
  • 39,600 Spark

162 Machined Silver Alloy: (x3 (150) Mass Craft, x1 (10) Bulk Craft, x2 (2) Single Craft)

  • 118 Refined Silver Alloy (x2 (100) Mass Craft, x2 (20) Bulk Craft)
    • 88 Compact Silver Alloy (x1 (50) Mass Craft, x4 (40) Bulk Craft)
      • 680 Silver Alloy (x13 (650) Mass Craft, x3 (30) Bulk Craft)
        • 492 Silver Bar
        • 492 Iron Bar
        • 61,200 Spark
      • 32,400 Spark
    • 43,200 Spark
  • 57,960 Spark

18 Refined Ruby: (x2 (20) Bulk Craft)

  • 16 Compact Ruby (x1 (10) Bulk Craft, x6 (6) Single Craft)
    • 140 Rough Ruby
    • 11,520 Spark
  • 14,400 Spark

All five refined gems require the same amount of resources with their specific gem. ‘Ruby’ can be replaced with any gem.

I hope this breakdown / guide is able to help someone out there figure out exactly what they need for these fun little machines.

Stay Boundless!

Edit: Picture of my original scribblings just for the fun of it. XD



You should check out our Boundless Recipe Google Sheet! @Simoyd extracted the data and we have created a sheet that calculates manufacturing costs of each item based on current base material prices! Due to volatility I have hidden this column for another week or two, but it is a quick way to view the recipe requirements at quick glance as well!

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Ah - that sounds rather useful! I love this community. :slight_smile:

Where can I find this recipe sheet?

The green column displays costs based on base mats and does not include fringe costs like machine wear, time, etc. I will be reversing the logic on the formula used to calculate the costs to quickly be able to get the base mats necessary in a similar format that you have attached, although sheets may not be powerful enough to handle all of the nested ifs necessary to do this. I will keep working on it :slight_smile:

EDIT: I will be hiding the green column for the time being to ensure that nobody solely relies on these values while material prices are still all over the place.


The values are all on the recipes.

If they’re not appearing for you, you probably have an old page cached. Try holding down Ctrl + Shift and then press R when on the page on your browser.

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The amount of Spark needed for a single craft appears when I first go to it, but when I press “Next” to view Bulk or Mass Craft, it disappears, and doesn’t reappear when I return to single craft.

CTRL + Shift + R didn’t work, sadly.

Edit: Spark costs show up for basic Power Coils. Not advanced. At least for me.

This! This is why advanced engines should be considered a LATE GAME milestone. Not everyone needs this! not everyone should even attempt this! This ain’t minecraft people!!


This isn’t ordinary Minecraft…

This is…

ADVANCED Minecraft…


Need is a very strong word. Everyone wants one, most of us want two! :smiley:

In all seriousness not everyone needs to have a full workshop of them, but nearly everyone will want access to them. Once guilds come out, it will solve this problem for everyone but the people who wish to play completely solo.


Updated for Total Spark Cost + Compact Hard Coal needed for Spark.