Fully Public Creative World - Janus II

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For anyone struggling to decide between maintaining sovereign and creative worlds, or prioritising the PS5, a fully public creative world has been opened for use by anyone, for anything, whether it’s building something incredible, or just messing around and planning out your next build.

If people find it valuable in any way, it will be maintained for the foreseeable future just like the permanent planets.

-------------------[Sovereign Details]----------------------
Owner : @ellyphant
Permissions : Can Visit | Can Edit | Can Claim
-----------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
Name : Janus II
ID : 669
Type : Lush
Tier : Inhospitable (4)
Atmosphere : Lvl 1 Caustic (1 level)
Size : 4.5km (50 Regions)
Liquid : ▲ Water | ▼ Water
Region : EU Central
---------------------[:compass: Distance Details]-------------------

1 blinksecs from Circarpous I
Portals : TNT Megahub -------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]-------------------------
Appeared September 20, 2020 2:43 PM

Rules: Please be decent human beings. Don’t plot the whole world just because you can. Don’t plot others in. All the usual stuff.

There is currently a portal to the world in the TNT Megahub, next to Trior, but bridges can be opened wherever you would like. A world hub will be built over the coming days but the world is open already.


  • Plot compactness is on for now
  • Invulnerability: on
  • Flying: on (duh)
  • Creatures will spawn because it’s sad without them
  • Meteorites will not spawn

Will add all the usual specs when someone smarter than me shows me how.



I’m coming!!! XD

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Haha… Ya know, I turned them off on my creative world as I mapped it for the first time, and I started to think that I kinda liked the sense of quiet and desolation.

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I actually temporarily turned it off because the cuttles were driving me mental!