Fun with curves

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I’ve been having fun creating a build and experimenting with the chisel, to create various ‘rounded’ edges… what do you think?

… anyone else been experimenting with the chisel and have some pics to share?


Oh, I haven’t seen that building material before! I like it!

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Yeah the chisel is a blast building wise. so far its my favorite aspect of the game :smile:


Lovely! I never tried using only the chisel before when I build(I only used it for roofs). Time to try somethin new :o

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How did you di that i dident think the chiesel could to that

It can now… although there is still a frustrating limitation where you can’t chisel stacked vertical blocks, so you have to chisel as you go (or rebuild from the top down etc).

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Project Cylinder :open_mouth:


Could you mind giving me the cords and world for the place i really need t be there it looks so unnatrual in the image

Sure - it’s Test EU2 right by the portal :wink:

Still need to build more upwards, so it’s not finished yet

Thanks i sill check it out soon

it looks nice

last i worked with chissel was before the last server wipe ^^

looks like a flinstones’ style house. nice.

I really like how the texture is ongoing from block to block. with the curves looks amazing :slight_smile:

Really could also be the entrance of a cave!

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