Funding progress?

Hey guys,

So I’ve been noticing funding has been happening slower than what it was initially, I don’t know very much about games in development so I thought I’d post and see if anyone knew a reason. I don’t mean this as a criticism against the game. I’m really keen for Oort and am merely curious about it’s funding progress.

Thanks guys!

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Yea, funding is really really really slow right now. I do not know much about game dev, but it seems like the Oort’s business model is just based off people buying the game. However, there is not much to the game currently and no updates in about two months. Hype for the game currently is very low. I predict money will start flowing and we will hit our next vote a couple weeks after the next update, when the hype is back up.


Couple of likely factors. The biggest is that a lot of students are now in school. Secondly, it’s been a while since Oort has done a big publicity push. Thirdly, it’s been a while since Oort has really had anything new to show. After the upcoming update (soon) I think we will see a bump in funding. Till then, all we can do is wait.


Hmmm, ok yeah, thanks for your replies, hopefully see funding progress increase soon. :slight_smile:

There is one way you can help: Tell your friends about Oort


Kind of a Catch-22 though. I would tell all my gaming friends about Oort Online, but I’m not sure anyone would spend $35 US on a game that’s not been updated in a couple of months. You’re right, we’ll need to wait until the update (?) to see if more interest (and games sales) can be generated.

Same thing here, I told all my gaming friends about Oort. The update schedule went a bit off because of various gaming events, but once it becomes more stable again I think we’ll see more action.


I think the slow founding is due to the fact that everyone who wants to buy Oort for the sake of supporting the development already has bought it. Now the devs have to get the crowd that is interested in Oort but also looking for actual content buying the game


Japp, with each content coming out there will be more players (which didn’t happen for a long time). Let see a month after the next big update (a month because the steam sales need some time to get into the calculation). I think we will have something to vote again :wink:

Few weeks before the Fourth Voting Oort’s funding was very slow too. But one day counter jumped over some thousands of dollars and after the Voting it has covered ~60% of next feature (Progression I).

Hey all!

Think I’ve said this before, but don’t worry too much about funding progress. Oort Online has always been planned as a long term project for Wonderstruck/Turbulenz, fuelled in part by, but also very much supported by our other ventures including The Marvellous Miss Take, Polycraft,, Turbulenz Engine.

We’ve been very transparent in the past, and if we were in a situation where we were no longer able to put the resources on the project that we required, we’d very honest with you all. and we’d be doing something about it.

Everything is good here, I’m sure we’ll have more to share before the end of 2015.


you earn money from the ‘‘Ga.Me’’ browser? how does that work?

GA.ME is a games portal. We earn money from the games that have purchasable items (Polycraft, Score Rush, Denki Blocks, Denki Word Quest). Polycraft has over half a million players, it’s done well in the Chrome Web Store.


awesome, thanks for the answer

Wait, What’s this?!?

Funding goal for Progression I has been reached, a mere 2 days after this topic was posted? HYPE!

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Just a thought… consider adding the other funding to the totals. It does not have to count towards feature goals, but it might help build confidence in the project’s longevity. Obviously, there are people concerned about it.

When I signed up, it was my #1 concern. I invested in one game that earned 200k on kickstarter and the game play lasted 45 minutes. Obviously this is a much better game than that.


We’ll be making some of that clearer in the not too distant future :smile: