New funding goal, reached! FAQ about the survey for our newest members

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What does this mean for all of you who have not participated in a vote before? Some Frequently asked questions regarding the community feature vote:

Q) How do I vote?
A) You will receive and email containing the survey to the email you used to register for the game.

Q) I don’t see my email! How do I know I didn’t miss it?
A) The devs typically post to the forums announcing the release of the survey. Also, you can follow them on Twitter @OortOnline or Facebook.

Q) The survey has not been released for daaaays, how long does it take to send out a simple survey?!?
A) The survey is carefully crafted with many questions and topics very carefully considered. They typically include much, MUCH more than a simple poll of what project to fund next. They’re still Because of this, it is typically several weeks before the survey is ready for release.

Q) I’ve answered the survey, now when will I see the results?
A) To make sure there is plenty of time for as many backers as possible to answer the survey, The dev’s typically seem to let it stew for a week or more. Then, all that tasty tasty data takes a while to be digested, discussed, and displayed in a manner that is easy for us backers to read. It’s typically well over a month between when the survey is released and when the results are posted.

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Grab a comfy seat on the hype train, because it’s a long journey from Hype Central Station to Hypewarts School of Theorycraft and Mystery.


I’m so excited for the third(or was it fourth? I can’t remember) survey. I don’t know why but I am :smiley:

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This will be survey #5


This is the first time I’ve participated in a survey for Oort. Should be cool. :smile:


Can i already do the survey?




Ooowh haha stupid me

This game is looking promising, can’t wait to do the next Survey and see where we are going with this universe :heart_eyes:

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Great post, nice work Havok!
I’m sure this will be helpful to the newcomers :smile:

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Is there anywhere we can suggest questions for the survey?

Been waiting for so long to hear this, lets get it :smiley:

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This is a good question.

Our standard thought path is: “what do we want to learn about the game?” And then we phrase the questions to explicitly try to explore these areas.

So it’s a good question for the community - what do we / you want to learn? What ideas do you have?

Let us know and we’ll try to include some in the next survey.


I would like to learn about the economy ingame, from production/gathering through trading and balancing functions of the game which influence the item flows and their usage.


@Zouls brought up a thread that leads to a good potential question. Namely: Should your stats/equip scale down when you visit a low tiered world as a high tiered player.

I´d like to see the communitys opinion about immersion. A lot of people seem to really care about the lore behind things like respawning or how the “huge” inventory is explained. Would be interesting to see what percentage of players care for such explanations.
The question could be something like: Do you want all features in the game explained and logical or should they just be functional?


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@Ben, @James: When will the next community vote take place ?

Can we ask Questions for it ?

Ask any questions about the vote here, too.