New funding goal, reached! FAQ about the survey for our newest members

We’ll get the Survey done soon - but wanted to get the release out first.

[Sorry - bad / lame communicated on our part.]

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I thought about creating a new topic for this, but I figured I might just type up a rather lengthy post here.
Some of these topics may have been discussed in the past and if they were I am sorry, I havent been very active in the forums for a couple of months

Crafting II
Mechanical Systems & ‘Fun’ Blocks
Upcoming feature
Power your creations and automate your claim.

Im not sure how familiar you Devs are with Feed The Beast, but are you envisioning complex machines and automation similar to FTB Ultimate/Monster/Whatever it is now, and/or are you envisioning possible crafting proficiency like that seen in Guild Wars 2, WoW, Wildstar other MMOs, maybe even something similar to a game like Tree of Life?

Portals & Warps
Travel The Universe
Upcoming feature
Craft your own Warps and Portals and instantly travel across the world, or between worlds.

I understand this is largely one of the key mechanics to the game as a whole, is this something that even really needs to be voted on? Isn’t this primarily in the game as is, and just needs some tweaking and a bit more development to get it into the polished state that you all are aiming for? I just feel like a vote for this would be simply a wasted vote.

Monuments I
Discover Monuments & Structures
Upcoming feature
Discover and explore procedurally generated monuments and structures.

Would this render all of the current planets useless in regard to this core mechanic? I understand the future model of expanding outward (or inward) to higher level planets to collect better loot/armor/experience fight tougher bosses and mobs etc etc etc, so maybe the current planets would be somewhat peaceful with no generated structures?

Economy I
Gold Currency & Trading Mechanics
Upcoming feature
Earn gold from defeating creatures and use it to buy and sell resources and items to other players.

from an economy standpoint have you already thought of a hard money sink that would cause players to want to collect the gold for more than just trading sake?
Would this also enable the creation of player owned shops? Again, a decent game to look at for the shops would be Tree of Life.

I suppose those are my main questions and points for now. Im sure you cant outright answer all of my questions I posed and I hope you know I am not trying to question your alls process, I love you guys and am still trying to patiently support OORT as much as possible!


Oh my! I did not pin this topic long enough! It’s going back up so recent users can still see it.

That being said, if you have questions you would like to suggest for the survey, you can (probably) still post them here!

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let me revive this post … we didn’t got a community vote sine 1. june … maybe it is time to start a survay again :slight_smile:


Well, with funding coming from Sony, we’re now getting all features developed. Maybe some in parallel. This removes a large portion of the need for a community vote unless they reach a point where certain choices can only be made by the community. They have already mined a huge amount of data from the forums and previous surveys, so that’s unlikely to be needed any time soon.

Ex. Crafting II, Portals, and Economy are all showing signs of development right now :slight_smile: