Furnace Mass Crafting

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Is there supposed to be mass crafting type material discounts when using a furnace?

I ask the question as it would seem logical it should do it as you do get Mass crafting material discounts on all other machines and the boundless crafting website as an example on copper bars lists 3 options with the largest deposit of 36 copper ore to make 50 copper bars.

This in game does not work though, I tried 72 ore just in case but only 72 bars output.

Was it something that was in the game before release, is it more likely the crafting website error [in which case how many others have qty errors on the site :(] or is it possibly a game bug.?

I fgured it might be skill releated but do not see anything to suggest a mass craft type bonus on the Furnace

Thought I would ask

Website error.

Cooking in furnace is not affected by mass crafting and never (as far as i know) was.

Yes, it can be explained as omission when processing game files while generating source data for web page… But its way easier to say “website error” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. Figured it was more likely a website error but thought I would check :slight_smile:

You can get a similar type of effect upgrading the furnace type and using better fuels. In terms of saving resources, particularly fuels, as a better furnace is more efficient and better fuels provide more heat and cook faster. So while you dont get more of the resource youre making, you essentially double and triple your coal or fuel you use in essence by it being able to craft more from a single unit


That is wrong, unless they snuck a change in. Better furnaces just process faster.

EDIT: I was wrong, must have been a sneaky change.

Could have sworn fuel makes faster speeds and furnace makes more efficient fuels. Then you can go further getting the fuel saving epic whichever it is to save 30% more

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That epic and compacting fuel is the only way to increase fuel efficiency that I am aware of.

EDIT: I was wrong, must have been a sneaky change.

It’s actually in the game files, so less website error (as I directly import) and more extraneous data error :wink:

I’ll see what I can do about stripping that data out in future.

I know using titanium furnace is better overall than iron/stone for fuel consumption.

Holy moly! I dunno when they changed that but it totally does. Titanium furnace uses 50% less heat than an iron furnace.

I edit my previous posts so I don’t spread fake news.


Look at that, the noobie teaching the pro something :slight_smile:

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Heh, I’m far from a pro, looks like was in one of the patches just before launch.

I cry when I think of all that wasted heat.

;D hahaha always a good day when that happens

wow, i remember how i was felt like “wow useless” when i used a titan furnace in EA.

good to know, next thing to do when i get home: go and buy titan furnaces!!!


Heh, I know how you feel. Sure the reduced time was nice but still kinda meh, now it’s the next thing I’m going to make.

Thank you for this information