Gaja's Gifts Opening on ARIE at the new ARIE HUB

hello fellow oortians

as i promised in a forum post i am going into the shop owner world and opening my new shop.

at the beginning i will have now lower opening prices and later on adapt to omnis system of pricing.
the shop will not hold a huge ammount of stuff but i will focus on produced wares and not raw(include some exeptions considering rocksalt, flint). when i have sold some things request baskets get up and i will start buying raw to be able to sell processed materials.

for now selling 100 diamonds for less than 300 each. 20 persisting pies 1600 each.
copper bars at 6 a piece iron bars at 8 a piece.

adv. compactor power coils 5600 each.
rocksalt 5 each.

the shops theme is growing as the buissness expands i will add more and more interior to make it a nice place to visit for some comforting buissnes.

Location is in ARIE PLAZA take the gate at the red level in Ultima then keep going to the right, Shops at the North part of the HUB.