Galactic exchange

Welcome to Gloviathosa.

We run an exchange/shop.

Interested in bulk trades mostly

We buy and sell almost everything
(non blocks)
Hand trading available through local residents.

Great way for newbies to make some coin by “dumping trash” and learning what is in demand. Lots of money to be made

We try to keep prices competitive, but some stuff might be on the more expensive side (usually means it’s low availability)

We dabble in providing all essential tools too.


T3 hammers (durability/speed/aoe)

Grapples (durability/range/fast reel)

T2 axes/shovels for farming

T6 hammers MAX durability
(Might have been forged using profanities, user discretion advised) 7800c

Speed brews 390c

Xp and starberry pies.

Armor fist (looting/armor/durability)

Liquid breakers


Feel free to use letter boxes all over town for customer service.

Oort together - strong

Umba e imo!