Gallery of nice scenery of all planets we can visit

Has someone gathered a “Gallery of scenic views” of all current planets ? I am interested to be able to have some good guees what will a planet look like with the following topics
1/ a few scenic views of landscape of typical places
2/ screenshots of normal daylight (so we can see something!)
3/ No cities / large settlements, just nice places to settle with a small house

I guess, this gallery should have about 3-5 (max) shots showing some of the good (?) places for prospective explorers.

Anybody who did that already?


An awesome place to check would be the permanent world’s topics such as this one:

Orrr…my favorite screenshot place is this one:

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I like the idea but the differences in regions are so drastic sometimes that I think it’d be a pretty large gallery to really give a full picture of each planet


As it was written above, it seems that we are on the way to creating such a gallery. Gorillastomp, Soju VB and FireAngelDth have kindly created for us separate themes for each planet and it only remains to fill them with our favorite screenshots.
I plan to share a bunch of screenshots, but first need to select them from one large pile :relaxed: