Game chat too strict

You can only post 3 times in one hour? Even on the trade channel? And people can’t respond…ie “chat”? You’re only allowed to PM? :thinking:


I understand that some people don’t want to be bothered by chat at all or spam, but something this strict is going to make chat silent again. Let the moderators mute the spammers like they do in all the other games.

If we want the game to grow & appeal to more players, we need things like this.

Granted, we need to be able to hide/mute channels or only see ones that we want to ----like you can in other games, but this is too strict imo.

Some players have already said “wow, there are actually other players in this game!” <----this is gold.


So no shout chats for hunts??

you can post as often as you want in “questions and help” channel, its the other two global chats that are restricted

(also thats a familar looking guy in chat, wonder if anyones gonna go sell that guy rock or something)


Shaking my head

15 seconds on this one…ok


3 posts per 15 seconds is fair limit imo, stops people spamming


The thing is, the moderators don’t want to have to be constantly checking to make sure that those channels are not being abused… it’s a tiring job for any number of moderators to have to do. It would become even more of a tiresome job when the player base grows.

I think for this particular channel, it makes sense to have a limit, otherwise someone could just create a bot to message the channel every 2 mins with everything they have on a list of items they have for sale… it’ll also turn out to be like bumping posts on the forum etc. Last post gets more recognition. I think the trade channel is going to be somewhat like that anyway.

From then on it’s a judgement call of another player if that player is posting too much… how much is then too much, is there a standard? It’s best to leave that one as a system limit imho. They can always tweak it later anyway.

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I think having an automated limit to avoid spam is good, but I think not being allowed to “chat” or respond in chat is too harsh. Being allowed to post once every 20 minutes is also a bit harsh…if you’ve got an hour to play the game.

I am a moderator in a few games…it’s not fun sometimes & can be overwhleming.

Edit to add: thankful they gave the chat system some love…def a move in the right direction.

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To be honest, I think people will still reply in that chat anyway - that warning message only appears the first time you log in to the channel per session, so it may easily get forgotten. They’ll just be limited to how many times they can reply… at which point the original poster may want to take it to PM anyway, so as to not hobble themselves from their next sale/request.

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Yeah it would probably be smart to make the reply default to whoever said something last, not the chat. Unless that’s how it already works

You’re able to just click on that players chat icon in chat and reply that way… it’s pretty quick.

I don’t think making it auto-reply to the last post can be fool-proofed enough to be useful… especially if you’re just trying to post your own sales post and not reply.

Can someone tell me what the limitations are on each Universal Chat channel ?

The General Chat channel Vansten suggested in another thread I think would be a huge thing here… maybe even a few of them. Like-

General Game Chat
General Social Chat

Those could then be unlimited, and can be pinned/unpinned as people wish, some might want to hear general game stuff but not social chat, perhaps.


Community & trading chat: allowed one post every 20 minutes & can only reply via PM
Questions chat: one post every 5 seconds, can respond in chat

Is there a specific channel for hunts? I know the grand majority of us use the Discord bot across multiple servers, but I’m curious to see how helpful that may be for players not on Discord.

I think for now, hunts could be announced in the community & events channel. There’s not a specific one yet, though.


I think an Exoworld channel could be really popular too - unlimited messages for this one also. The guild chat for the Exo guild is pretty active, and have to imagine there are a LOT of other people who probably would like to share in that same information, ask the same questions - taxi offers and asking, asking about lucent alts, where stuff is found, notification when one pops, ect.