Game Crash after Alt+Tab on a mac (works fine on my PC)

For some reason shortly after command+tab my game will close on my macbook pro.
It doesnt do it when I go out of the game, it does it when I come back into the game.

How much ram do you have and what programs where open?

8 GB, OORT, Steam, Chrome

Well… probably another bug xD. I am playin on a macbook pro as well because it doesnt work on PC for me and i think i have this issue as well but i didnt play attention to when it happends.

Sometimes it happens randomly as well, but one thing that can reproduce it is when i alt+tab stay out for a bit and then tab back in.

This happened to me right after the release 100 patch (I have 12GB ram 27" Mac). I’ve not had a problem since the 101 patch but I’ve not played it extensively so far.

@james confirmed that there is a memory leak in the game. That means that the RAM used by the game will keep increasing so at a certain time it will crash. You can keep an eye at your activitymonitor to see how many RAM it uses, just play for a little bit and see if it increases a lot. Because this could also be a result of a memory leak.

Thanks. We fixed 1 memory leak in the game in 101, but clearly there is another we need to track down. Expect 102 soon.

(FYI the game includes a technology called V8. This also leaks memory, but not at a rate anyone has ever really noticed before.)

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