Game crashes when I switch characters


This didn’t happen when I first started playing, but since a few updates ago I have an issue when I switch alts. 90% of the time my game will fully crash & close. Minor annoyance I suppose. Wondering if it’s just me & if I need to tweak something. I have plenty of RAM & dedicated nvidia gfx card RAM. Zero issues playing the game. Possible bug?



Game doesnt crash for me, But ill get a Disconnect warning and “Reconnect” never works. I have to restart from steam. Dont know if it’s tied into this issue. But it happens to me roughly every 2-3 alt swaps.


Did you submit any crash dumps around the time that you posted about this? I couldn’t find any crash dumps that matches your forum username (if it’s the same one you use in game).


I will submit one today. My IGN = my forum name :+1:


Just submitted a crash dump. 9:49am


Thanks for submitting. I got one of the software engineers to have a look. From the information, it’s not clear why it’s crashing, apparently it’s something to do with some vertex data.

Is there any other information you can provide when the crashes occur? Does the game crash at various locations or certain ones for example?


It only crashes when I change characters. I usually switch characters when I’m at my workshop on Biitula, but sometimes I’ll swap on other planets.

The game plays fine and doesn’t crash at any other time.


What are the coordinates for your settlement where you usually switch characters?

I’m guessing the other planets were random locations I presume.


Usually in this general area : hueston001

Sometimes it happens when I switch while I’m collecting stuff on a t6 planet or in a portal hub. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but it happens 85% of the time.


Thanks for the update. I’ll put the additional information into the bug database.


I just went to Gyosha and switched…crashed from there too. Sent the submitted the dump.