Game crashes when looking at portal in sanctuary

the title kind of says it all.
The game just freezes as soon as i look at the portal (its to my home base One Love on Finata) while in the sanctuary

tried to stay in sanctuary , and not look at the portal , but the game still totally freezes after a few seconds

On Steam or PS4? Does it freeze or crash? If crashing please send in the crash report.
If your on Steam possibly deleting the chunk cache will fix it:-
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\###\324510\local\chunkcache
where ### is your Steam id.

4 restarts and uninstall and re installation of the graphics drivers seems to have fixed it :smile:

ps didn’t see any way to send a crash report

It probably was hanging rather than crashing. If it crashes it pop up a dialog box asking to submit it.

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