Game crashes when playing with forge (Release 201)

Game crashes when trying to advance next round on forge this is my current things there

I was managed to do one round more after several crashes but now game is crashing again, when trying to advance next round. I suspect it to do something with applying 3rd defect, that is not yet added, to my item in forge.
I have sent crash dumps that game prompts during launch.

Location of forge
Worldname: use1_t0_0
Player game position: 1,047N 696E (Altitude: 50)
Camera position: 695.81, 51.60, -1046.70
Player light: 0.3608, 0.7451, 0.7451
Camera direction: -0.140, -0.357, 0.924
Facing: SOUTH

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How many crash dumps did you submit? We have 2 which contain your username.

Probably 4-5 times, maybe more, didn’t keep counting on how many times I did log in did try to continue playing with forge.

I had another look and there’s definitely more than 2, so thanks for submitting them. We’ll take a look at those.

Great! I will keep machine now how it is for a while :slight_smile:

You’ve provided a screenshot from the Forge GUI showing all the information that’s present. Can you roughly remember what occurred before this round? For example:

  • Which Boon / Quirk / Defect trait was added to the Forge?
  • Which Boons / Quirk / Defect trait was levelled up?

And anything else that may be of interest.


  • Hard hitter 6
  • Energy save 3
  • Glow 2


  • Carp Diem 1
  • Aggravated Attacks 1
  • One Jump Ahead 1


  • Softer Strikes 0 (Potential Trait)
  • Slow Coach 2
  • Critically Unlucky 5

Machine is not owned by character who does forging, has worker permission on beacon.
Item on forge is wayfarer’s totem.
Game crashed every time when trying to advance next round, except once then it didn’t add any points to this missing potential defect trait.
It was my first time using Unstable boon compound 3 because of recent recipe changes. So I tried to get Overengineering-steam achievement. (Forged an Item with 3 Boons, 3 Defects and 3 Quirks) That makes me suspect that crashes would be related to applying points to potential defect.

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Thanks for providing as much information as you could. Unfortunately, the crash dumps that you have submitted didn’t give us any insight into what was causing the issue, so we’ll use the information provided above in order to try and reproduce this.

Best bug report ever!
Will have to try this when I get home