Game crashing bug


Me and my friend just bought the game, really enjoying it so far and we both love it. :smile:

But there is a nasty bug that we’re both getting when a block is breaking at the end when its about to drop, it happens when trying to break all kinds of blocks and we’ve tried diffrent locations aswell. It happends when both playing solo or together close to each other.

We’re playing the server named “Nbor” if that does mather.

The crash or bug is really annoying because we cant start building but to only walk around and explore :smiley:

Sorry if i posted this is the wrong section!

Here is a screenshot of the crash message, it looks the same each time aswell for both of us.

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Can you trie the other build ? The nativ DX11 Build causes some trouble from time to time …

Hello, wow that was a fast reply :smiley:

How do i change the build? I dont have anything in “game->Properties->Betas” there is only NONE - Opt out of all beta, so how do i change the build?


As far as I know you can’t anymore, @Heurazio correct me if I’m wrong.

But check the usual things. Are your drivers up to date? Is the game up to date? Maybe the game doesn’t select the right GPU.
If it happens despite everything being up to date, post the crash log.

maybe we can ask @zeathoros

he mentoined it 5 days ago but i didn’t followed this conversation nor is there an answer :frowning:

i would recommend to reinstall Boundless or turn off anti-virus for some time …

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Yeah all drivers are up to date steam, all hardware drivers and the game. Me and my friend have different computers aswell and the crash happens for him aswell, if im about to break a block close to him, so its quite wierd.

Yea I had that bug too. I thought they fixed it but apparently they didn’t or just for some machines.

Do you have special firewall settings ? (hardware / router firewall eg.)

Here is the log

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No, just a normal router never had problems before, and I dont think its firewall/port related because its happening for both me and my friend at the same time.

Now you have to wait. The Devs are commited but I doubt they are still awake and ready to look into it^^

Yep yep (: Thanks for the quick replies!

So far the game hasnt crashed for about 1 hour now (edit: The crashes still happen’ tho) and we’ve started to build! :smile:

I can gladly post more info/logs if needed.


I just feel to have to say that this community is one of the most helpful and very concerned about the welfare of each other … You are all great, folks! :thumbsup: :sunny:

The bug at the top is the character equipping an item, possibly after picking up the drop block. Updating the drivers etc should not effect anything related to this directly.

Which character model are you playing as?

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I’m playing with the hair backwards model :smiley: dont know the name, and my friend got a different model, but the wierd thing when someone of us picksup the block breaking, both of us crash at the exact same time when close to eachother, so I dont think its something individual problem on some of ours PC.

But ye if u need more logs/info i’ll gladly post more and try to recreate the crash etc if you’d like.


We believe this is fixed in the next release.