Game crashing for Main character from the Sanctum

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Just went to the Galactic Embassy Hub on Niia Zed Ka and the game crashed. Now whenever I log back in to the game and go to the Santcum, the game crashes again as soon as the left portal opens to my last position.

I can log in to my alt without any issues and go through portals/play as normal. The issue only happens when I’m using my main character trying to get back from the Sanctum

I have tried to bump warp or reverse exit but it crashes before I’m able to select either option. I can’t even reach the second warp conduits on the right to open a new warp to my beacon.

Any way I can clear a cache or anyone else come across this problem and know a solution?

UPDATE: Managed to fix the problem by deleting the data file in the chunkcache folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\XXXXXXXX\xxxxxx\local\chunkcache) seems to be working for now

Thank you so much for finding a fix for this! I’ll add this solution to my thread in case it becomes a recurring issue.

had you been swapping between live and testing versions of the game by any chance?

(too similarly to last posted make different so forum accepts the post blahblahblahlblah)~

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Haha, the spam filter rules all, even the devs :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope! Never used the testing version of the game