Game crashing on startup

I’ve recently updated my graphics driver and now the game seems to immediately crash on startup. I’ve launched it multiple times and submitted the crash logs it provides.

I suspect it might be due to me updating my Geforce GTX drivers, but otherwise I’m not sure why its doing this.

Have you tried verifying your game files in Steam?

I did just now. 2 Files failed to validate and had to be reinstalled, however the same two errors pop up before it crashes.

Do other games work with the currently-installed driver?

From what ive seen, yes. Boundless is the only game I own that does this.

Is it still happening? Have you determined that it’s the graphics driver by rolling it back?

Also, what’s the name of the character you’re trying to log in with and did you submit the crash dumps around the same time you created the original post?

Yes, it is still happening. I am unsure what character I last used as the game doesn’t even get to sanctum before crashing. However, I have submitted logs both when I made the original post, and just now.

As for reverting, i’m unsure how to exactly do that, nor do I wish to, however I am certain this is the only thing that’s changed between when I last played that could possibly impact it.

Can you confirm the version number of the driver that you’re using? It’s probably the latest one, so I can check.

GeForce GTX Version 451.67, which was released on the 9th of July

Thanks for confirming, I’ll download it and check it out.

As for the crash dump, I can see one where the PC username seems to relate to your forum username, so I think I’ve spotted it.

@james @blake, do you currently have a PC at home with the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver installed? I’m currently downloading it to see if I get the same problem here.

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The latest NVIDIA drivers work fine for me.

The error message shared is basically saying that the game can’t do anything with the graphics hardware. It’s super early in the startup process.

I’d explore:

  1. Is there any funky hardware setup? Game setup to actually use or not use the NVIDIA GPU.
  2. Do you have multiple GPUs discrete and integrated? Something funky here?
  3. Do you have any special displays attached? Multiple monitors, VR headset?
  4. Check the NVIDIA drivers install correctly.
  5. Check DirectX is installed correctly. (Is it even possible to not have it installed?)

I double checked Nividia control panel to make sure boundless was running off my dedicated graphics card and it is. While I do have a few custom settings on there in order to improve performance it hasn’t been an issue before, so I’m doubtful thats it.

I have 1 dedicated graphics card (as well as the in build graphics Intel graphics), however I have double checked and the game is definitely running off my GTX

I do have a second monitor that I use from time to time, however the game responded the same with it both connected and disconnected.

I’m not sure how to check if it installed correctly - to my knowledge it did, as I haven’t had any other issues outside this game. Same with DirectX

I just wanted to bump this to say that it was indeed the graphics driver, and that reverting the graphics driver from the latest version to version 451.67 fixed the issue.


I’m having the same startup issue, and I reverted to graphics driver 451.67 from the latest with no luck in affecting the startup of Boundless.

I have a Dell G3 Laptop, with an nVidia 1060 graphics card + intel integrated graphics. If I set the control panel settings to use integrated graphics, the game starts, but if I set it to use the 1060, it pops up with the errors reported above.

(Default texture not created - Failed to init D3D Texture (0x887a0005))

I have full video memory available, full ram, no extra running programs, no monitors or peripherals hooked up to my laptop. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

Not sure if it helps the developers, but I also happen to have a nVidia GTX 1060 graphics card (I don’t have the issue myself anymore)

All I can suggest @XavivierX is to try reverting to an even earlier installation then the one you did. (I ended up reverting to update that occurred several months ago at November 2019, which fixed the issue.)

@Vansten, ah, that did it, I updated to the last 441 nVidia driver version (January 2020 - v441.87), and boundless works on the nVidia GPU now. I hope they find out why the game isn’t compatible with the current drivers (v442.x) (with our setups) from our logs and address it in an update.