Game problems (on my end)

This is just informational.
So the past month(s) i have been experiencing connection issues. A lot of them. This isn’t because of “spike” or “drops” in Boundless but more provider and home connection issues.

Because of this boundless has become unplayable most of the time. “COVID-19” is to blame.
The home connection has to change as it doesn’t work 100% of the time (using electricity lines to get my connection with the modem).
And at the times I usually play are currently huge connection drains because 7-8 (if not more) connections to the modem are demanding the internet connection.
Because everyone is home… and depending on what they are doing the drain is real (can’t even watch a episode on Netflix without the connection dropping out 3 to 4 times in a 40min ep.)

So on that note building in Boundless has stopped. My GC runs for a full year so my claims don’t disappear. Also Terra Nova (Lamblis) most of my portals have shut down. But TNT is staying open.
I will be keeping an eye out on the forum and the TNT discord if there are any requests for the Lamblis portals. PMs won’t reach me because I won’t be playing as much (or at all) in till the drain goes down and i fix the cable work at home.

So im gone but not for ever :wink: maybe ill pop on here and there for a hour or so but for now its a big no no (avoiding frustration :wink:).

Again im not quitting boundless :kissing_heart:.

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its a shame you are quitting boundless!
.just kidding ^_^*
hopefully getting that connection sorted bro! and see you back in the game sooner than later :wink:
good luck


Not sure if it’s an option due to location and what is available. I had similar issues and I bumped my internet package from 50mbps to 150mbps and it helped with the speed drains… had more people in my house using more now I’m and 1gbps… maybe if possible look into changed your package and see if everyone in the house hold can pitch in… last thing we need is another oortian stepping away from the game.


I have one of the best packages but the down side is its not an optical hook up. That said there are two things i can do.

1 look in to it to replace the modem.
As I can’t do anything with it except rebooting it. (All options locked behind provider log in).

2 when we replaced all the old electrical cabling I suggested to also place internet cable trough the entire house which never happened. So do it now (as they all keep complaining that it keeps dropping away)…

Those are the only two things i can and have to do, in hopes that it improves.

In the end all i can say is don’t waist your money on the easy alternatives. As in the long run they don’t work as they should. Looking at the thingy that send my internet over the electrical cables… (again €400,- down the drain as its the second set i had to buy).

I hope to be back in full build mode as soon as i can but for now i might come on here and there but hours in one go is a no no currently. :wink:

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Same hope so to :grin: now its just frustrating with all the connection dropouts. And knowing who i am best to do something about it before i break stuff. :rofl::joy::rofl:

(Flying controllers don’t survive and most times the things that catch them break to :wink:)

Ugh I’ve been having the same problem. It’s not as bad as what your describing but it’s very frustrating losing connection all the time!

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