Game quits completely when interacting with Seed Pod on Yafaday

I had an issue last night when trying to either hit or pick up a Seed Pod on the Yafaday server. I was playing on a Mac.

It seemed to be ok hitting/collecting just one seed pod, but when trying interact with any more than that, the game would quit completely with no error messages given.


Thanks for letting us know. We will look into this.

Where you breaking the seed pod by hand or with a tool? Breaking things by hand seems to cause a crash sometimes as well.

I was breaking it with a stone axe. Good to know it’s not just me as well :wink:

We have not been able to reproduce this issue. Is this 100% reproducible? If not, how often does this happen?

Which MacOS are you using and what is the spec of your mac including its graphics card.


I’ve not been able to reproduce it now either - I’m starting to think that maybe it was my laptop having a funny turn.

I may have sent you on a wild goose chase, sorry!