Games disconnects me and those around me when I remove a plot

This is happening on Alder (NA), playing via steam in Tennessee, USA.
Whenever I try to remove a plot I get disconnected, and those in my vicinity also get disconnected. I tested this multiple times. The area this is happening in is between the Tiger Lake and Sasquatch settlements. The beacon name is Waterworld.

Just to check, did the game display a message saying that it had lost connection to the server or anything like that?

We’re aware of this, I need to take the world offline for a little while to fix this issue I’ll hopefully get it done later today.

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Thank you both for the quick reply.
Yes, It did display the disconnect message with the option to reconnect immediately or quit to desktop.

I am on US East coast and was having this issue last night when I was trying to plot on Alder. I kept getting the bad connection & unplayable connection. Would do that for about 20-30 seconds then dump me out to the reconnect or desktop screen. Happened about 5 times before I decided to give up.