Ganged machinery (advanced machinery?)

Similar to how you can place Spark Generators next to each other and access a single one, a way to access multiple machinery of the same type from one machine. Be it that they are recognized as being part of the same group via the Spark Link or some other new connection method.

Or, a next level up for machinery that takes up only a single block, but you can place them all next to each other up to a maximum of 16 (like the Spark Generator). It’d be nice if this “advanced” machinery also had some base Power since you wouldn’t have as much surface area to place coils. Or, allow the Power to be distributed to all ganged machines.

Ideally (and this would be great for the current Spark Generators, too), queuing up tasks would be automatically distributed to an available machine in a round-robin order.


Maybe add a conveyor belt or something… that could connect similar machines.

That sounds like we’re trying to be Factorio.

A new power coil for spark generators would be cool. It could make fuel you put in turn into spark more efficiently.

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Solar panels!

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Time to claim a desert to build a solar farm

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Wait, I got a better one… footfall panels! That generate spark from footfall. Kinda like Rick and Morty’s microverse drive.

All roads get built out of it and it has an animation like spark leads flowing towards the generator (or battery). No footfall means no animation

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