Gathering axes for your spooky needs

For the upcoming spooky event, we have filled a shopstand with “special” sapphire axes. Those axes contain max loot, max glow and durability ranging between 3800 - 4200.

You can find them at GTG Global hub under Forged Items.

(Price has been toned down so everyone can have a chance to buy them. Please be kind and take only what you need).


@Dat You are the best! Many T6 planets have “Island Tree” tops with lots of great places for orbs. There are those kraken brew divers that get the fungi from the waters. It’s great to be able to have a slingbow :slingbow: in one hand and an axe :axe: to harvest, loot, and light the area. It’s for more than just little Rosetta Knox - we harvest all the fungi :heartpulse:


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