Gathering Epic Skill

Hey guys,

Can someone explain to me why this skill is helpful? As I understand it, it just allows you to collect boulders and fungi and stuff instead of getting what they would usually drop, why is that helpful? I assume I’m missing something.

FYI, I’m a newb, so I apologize if this is a dumb question.


by gathering the boulders,fungi etc it allows you to decorate your house/garden with them

like so,also it increases the amount of resources dropped by them when you break them as normal (im always running out of fibrous plants! xD)


Ah okay, so for decorative purposes and increased drops. Gotcha. Thanks!

Does it increase sap drops at all? I’m always wanting more sap. xD

only from boulders,fungi,plants,to increase general drop chance you need the luck stat,best way for sap ive found is going to aries as they have monstrously sized trees and chop 1-2 big trees down,i got 182 saps that way in 1 hour 45 mins <3 (i also run out of bones/sap alot lol)

if you cant get to aries any planet that has big trees works,so far only explored a few planets so thats the one i know of.


OK great, thanks for that! Appreciate your quick response!

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Actually, he missed some points. First of all - it’s much more productive to farm trees (for sap or trunks) on planet with level 2 or 3 - especially if you have access to iron tools. If you have only stone or copper tools - you should test your tool damage for one shot trunk blocks on level 2 planets.
Why level 2 or 3? Cause level 1 planets don’t drop bark from tree blocks and level 2,3 do. Bark is uncommon ingredient and used in whole lot of recipies, so you will be able to sell it for not-so-bad price or use it for your own good.
Also don’t forget to maximize your luck, cause luck is stat that exactly affect drop rate from “blocks and creatures”


OK, cool, those are helpful tips. Thanks guys. :blush::+1:

If i remember correctly, the skill doesn’t give you a permanent 1x drop increase, just chance for +1 drop.

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