Gathering Epic tweak


I don’t know if other people who use this epic feel the same way, but I feel that when this epic is active the damage dealt by Shovels vs Boulders, Plants and Fungi could be the same as if it were an axe. :slight_smile:


Ye i dont mind rly. Sure it would be handy.
Also you can use lower tier shovels to gather so thats a plus in my books :slight_smile:


I had different thought when using the epic.

What if the epic wasn’t connected to using a shovel, but instead worked when breaking the block underneath desired item (plant/boulder/fungi)? So, when you have gathering epic, it would be breaking the block that changes effect from destroying the item for drops to collecting the item. If you have the epic and want to collect drops, you hit the item, and not the block under.

That way, you could use either a shovel, or hammer or an axe, depending on where the item is spawned (dirt, rock, foliage). You could also apply stronger tool on higher tier worlds.

Effect: you would be able to collect wanted items with one-hit, no matter what block and world it’s spawned on.


Same really. :slight_smile:

That would probably be OK most of the time, but some plants like Trumpet Root are quite fat. :thinking: It’s an interesting idea though; I guess that way it wouldn’t matter what tool is needed either, since you’d use shovel for the plants (soil base) and hammer for most boulders (rock base, usually)?


and some fungi spawn on foliage


It is slightly annoying. I end up using a hammer/axe and then doing the last hit with the shovel and that’s usually fine.