GB Appreciation!

Hello everyone!

With the event soon coming to an end, I’d like to thank everyone who made this an enjoyable and unique event. Personally, I never played more than a few days in any event and I even skipped the last Valentine event altogether. This is the first time that I participate until the very end.

Won’t mention names so I don’t miss any but thanks to the hunt leaders and guilds for running hunts at all times to accommodate people in various time zones. Thanks to the people behind Circa platform 08. And last but not least, thanks to the devs for creating this event (although solo meteor timers could be improved but thats a talk for another day xD).

Aside from all that, I’d like to say how happy I am for the totem meteor augments not because they summon meteors specifically but for their idea. While portals play a major role in the game, they are not unique to this game as much as the totems. Totems just feel like an Oortian thing so seeing more functions involving them is great imo. Doesn’t need to be game-breaking like flying for example but just making them a part of the game is awesome. We can break blocks with them (inefficient but possible), revive people, warp, solidify blocks, and now summon meteors. A true Oortian Swiss knife xD. Would very much like seeing more things involving them. We can maybe discuss totem suggestions in a different thread. Thanks!


Great post, ditto this, had a blast and got so much stuff! :smiley: And set on Oort for some time! :slight_smile: Thanks devs and fellow players for a very fun time! :+1:


some great additions this time round and glad to see events evolving over time.
certainly was also a learning experience for those who wanted to farm in groups with augs and those who solo…hopefully next time things will be go a bit smoother for both parties.


I finally had a go on the meteor spawning platform on Circ today, I wasn’t so sure about it… but i was pleasantly surprised! It’s a great system and everyone is so polite and helpful :smiley:

Spawned a few, got a level 5 gleam all to myself! And ran around with the looters on the ground collecting oort and unwanted blocks.

Special thanks to Marlura for letting me use her stuff and to Quni for helping me out when my AoE broke and I nearly lost my glass meteor :laughing:
(not sure if either of you guys are on the forum and I was playing as an alt too so :sweat_smile: )


amen :pray:


Im atheist so ill just carry on.

Good event overall… ive had really hard time to play lately… before the event and there wasnt rly much to do.
Event gave some good moments…playing laidbacked few hours and just log off with inventory full.
I dunno what i do with this stuff really but at least event gave me something to do.


Build a Gleambow Gardens at Ashenvale @Buugi :rainbow:

Improvement for next time:


This is utterly crazy that we now can still craft the foods but not the augments, and no one knew this would happen!

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Oh really? I didnt craft any thinking they would still be craftable after the event like every single other event item.

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Are you serious? We can’t craft augments anymore?

James just replied in another thread that they should be craftable and that this will be fixed in the next update! :grin:


Ah man that’s good, could you imagine the dumpster fire that would ensue in the forums if not. My pm box would be full of messages from the ortelf.

People can be mad :joy:. See at the height of my shock all i said was “oh really” a few replies up and i ended it there. People need to relax on each other and on the devs.





I do feel for Aenea who rushed to spend millions on augments thinking it was a nerf and not a mistake.


Definitely understandable. :slight_smile: no worries. I just enjoy gifs.

i totally agree with you, here i’m think eh ooh well sh*t happens i know for next time
while some just go bonkers completely.
maybe mcdonalds can use all that salt rofl

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Hmpf, I hope you are/were nicer to your cuttle gleambow guests! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And there will also be days when the slightest thing can set you off, humans :woman_shrugging:


they aint complaining xD


runs away…

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