Gem Equipment Price Updates

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So I’ve been forging for me and my friends everything and anything by now, and I’m starting to get settled into my base so I dont need as many materials or forged equipment so I wanted to start selling it. I’ve tried to research fair prices but I get alot of mixed results and answers. I dont want to be to cheap because I wont always be able to play alot but I always still want to be competitive otherwise what’s the point in having a store.
So to start I wanted the communities opinion on these hammers for prices.
The difference between the 2 pictures are Dura is a higher

trick 17 calculation…
its useless to watch other forger prices, you dont know their recipe, you dont know their byuing prices,… i dont know about your recipe
but try next time dmg just to 8/10…its enough 4 t6

and enough 4 t7 with strenth brew 3

just as a lil tip… saves you lot of stuff…


9-12k i would say

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I charge 10k for +2000 dura diamonds, 9.5k for 1800, 9k for 1600… etc etc.

My only recommendation is don’t try to be the cheapest because you’ll never keep up with demand.


One has more durability than the other so one should be worth more but I do have a small tip for you.

Of course you want to get the most coin out of your efforts, I do too, so what happened was that I divided up all my hammers into different categories and at last count I had 38 different hammers that could one hit T6 rocks.

That’s kinda crazy but it would get me the most coin for everything. For instance I had a category for +1600 durability (or higher) with the highest price, then slightly lower was +1200/1400, then even lower +800/1000, then I can get a quirk or a defect sometimes with my methods so has separated those out as well, etc., etc.

Since I still always try to not get quirks/defects and to get to +1600 durability (or with speed hammers +40 action speed) most of the shop stands were empty all the darn time which kinda looked bad and added a lot of pressure to myself to forge more.

I now recently cut down the amount of shop stands to 4 per planet tier. One with quirks/defects, one with Mixed Stats 3x3, one with +40 action speed or higher and one with +1600 durability or higher.

Yes, this means if I sadly only reach +1400 I have to throw it into the Mixed Stats pile instead which means if that happens I make less coin than before. But the shop looks much more filled up now! And it makes sure I feel less stressed.

So try not to set too many different prices for yourself, or, what I did when I started out with selling my forges, set up like 8 shop stands for hammers and keep changing the stats on the sign and change the prices every time you fill the shop stand up.

Also, +1000 and +1400 dura is still very good so don’t think about that. With my old pricing system I would have sold +1200/1400 for 8499c, +1600 or higher for 9499c (still do), and +800/1000 for 7499c.

Tho, some will still sell them for more and since forging materials are going up in price you still would be ok to add a few k to those prices :wink:


Thanks everyone I appreciate all it! Honestly helps me big time!


Anytime bro

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