Gem farming/Easiest/most convenient methods?

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Hello! I came back to this game a week or so ago, after having lost most of my coils/money back when coils were around 12,000c each (part of the reason why I quit, not that I lost a ton, but it didn’t help any) and was wondering what the recommended farming method for gems is/are; I’m not a huge mining fan so hunts would be nice, I just don’t know what the state of the game is. I keep seeing massive, crazy bases, so I figured someone might have a technique or trick. I want them for building not for tools, so the type doesn’t matter to me. Looking for a higher exp build block basically. Right now I’m working on some machined copper to go with my decorative wood/rocks, but those only give 20, and machined copper only gives 4 (24) more according to the wiki. Trying to level up while making a nice(ish) base in the process. Let me know if you have any tips/advice. Sitting around 14,000c currently so I can’t afford to buy any sadly.

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With 14k you can acquire two nice hammers for high level mining. Used well this is likely to net you a return of about 150 - 200k in coins.

Rinse, Repeat … Start doing what you like.

Mining at high level is also one of the best leveling activities in the game, bonus.

I’m not going to sugar coat this, you need to know how to use an atlas, have a decent understanding of gem spawns, etc… it’s not like it just falls in your lap, as some threads might seem to imply. Gathering gems by hunting is silly you can at best do 5 - 7 of a given gem per hour and that’s if the RNG is crushing on you that day. Mining is measured in hundreds per hour (thousands in some places) and accompanied by a mix of other metals and coals that are either useful or profitable as well.


I’m not really worried about making money right now. I know how the atlas works, and a basics of how/where gems farm. I guess you answered part of the question; mining is the fastest way - but where? Any particular gem that is easier/more common to find? What planet do you recommend? Any starting portals to mining caves that you would recommend? Most of what you typed outside of mentioning mining is irrelevant to me. Only looking for a statistically proven system to find/gather/farm gems in an efficient way. I feel like most of the time I play this game the goal I start with changes 1-2 times before I get to my target location. That said, I know I want some gem blocks, so whatever route is the best that’s the one I’d like to take.

Also, all of the youtube videos I’ve been seeing lately are 1-2 years old. I just wasn’t sure if the information updated any.

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It sounds like you’re wanting

This is the info station for all things Boundless. You can look up resources and it will point you to the planet.

I think with sovereigns there are some new hotspots for mining, but personally i have a spot on Galan I visit that has tons of Topaz, just head to a big hotspot and mine at the right hight with a 3x3 hammer. you will find plenty for a couple of mass crafts if you go the full duration of a persisting pie (I use persisting pie and strength brew but some people like to go fast).

I can meet you in game to show you my topaz spot if you like, Im sure there are some great portals to sovereign mines though.


You can also then turn the Topaz into sapphire with a chisel, which is what i do for most of my tools.

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It depends on what you can find. As others are chiming in, the scene is changing right now because there are many, many more new worlds than the permanent ones.

I can show you some good spots if you’re around in a few hours but you can search the forum for “pakaverse” (someone correct me if I spelled that wrong) if you haven’t read her threads, to get onto a private network of resource-heavy planets that are well documented and open to the public.

Really nothing about the mining technique has changed much in that time frame, probably starberry pies were the last big change to mining? Lucents pretty much just expanded the existing system.

The easiest gem to get, IMO, is the one where you’re most comfortable with the spawn patterns. Until you know that you can follow the “rules” of common altitudes and with the heatmap you do fairly well.


That’s what I was looking for! Thank you. I have seen a few posts in here about the Pakaverse and I think I’ve walked bya few signs by portals. I’ll have to see if I can refind one and go from there. Thank you again. I think fantasy tree has all there 1hit hammers labeled and potions nearby, so that’s been my go to shop since it’s easy to find and has portals everywhere.


For ease and convenience, I’ve got portals to gem mines of every type at Paka’s Palace, Alcyon. :slight_smile: Edit: The Pakaverse mentioned by @Nightstar ! :grin: Access from TNT Alcyon. I even have 99c atlases for them all at the Palace right by the portals - when I remember to stock them. :flushed:


Sapphires/Topaz - These are in large quantities in the mines (though CAN be good to go out further on the planets in case others working the mines), and get fossils along with them.
Diamonds - The Blast I have, Hyrule, has some pretty massive diamond hotspots, and you’ll get hard coal and gold too, which is nice.
Amethyst - Personal favorite. Work along the Amethyst/Emerald hotspot border Corrosives. I’ve got two up right now there. Lot of silver and fossils, and some gold to be gotten when doing this.
Emeralds - I have a dedicated Toxic but overall prefer above method, myself.
Rubies - My Ruby planet needs rerolling, but some good spots on it. However, taking a block changing chisel to a Blast can be more efficient perhaps.


Yes you definitely seem to put in a good amount of effort, making things accessible for people.

I’m sure there are tons of people that appreciate it :smile:

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And its easier to buy than to make coils these days as the prices are around 1k for the most part

Thanks, it makes me really happy if they’re helping you all here! :smiley:


Yeah I’m not buying any coils; I want the gems for the blocks.

Where? I’ve seen them for 3k or so at best. I’m new so I’m obvi shopping at the wrong spots >.<

I usually buy mine at Park

Can shop around using B.U.T.T. if you want though.


I also buy from park

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