Gems (a bit of my personal feedback)

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Usually dig down to 16-20 height if I don’t hit cave sooner. If I hit cave than just go down to lava level and start from a few blocks above.

Works for rubies, though caves on Vulpto have much less rocks and much more air so it’s kinda harder to find a good place for rubies. Other gems are sky high so I don’t go for those. Went a few times but it’s insane effort.

Oh, yeah, 2 blocks between tunnels, than one block between levels and offset for one to either side.

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@james i also think that these are not so big issues and i like the fact that you have to feel smart finding some good stuff. as @Havok40k said, i mainly think resource spawning is very polarize, so if your at the right spot, you find some, if not, you come up with nothing. I think this way could work if, while exploring you could have some visual or structural hints on good spots (i think biomes are not enough).
Again, even if i know where to find low to fair amount of rubies and diamonds, i think i would still be better off hunting for them, timewise. Understant me well, i dont say that hunting gives too much, only mining don’t give enough lol.
Another cool thing would be to find some in scattered chest around while you explore, these chests could be guarded by high level mobs


Reading the amazing story of 100 diamonds mining on andooweem I had to try it myself, and I must say it was much more rewarding. Using my meager iron tools in about 2 hours I found about 8 seams of diamonds, 43 total and several titanium seams I forget total.that was much more worthwhile and I will try that again.


Careful! If people keep saying how good hunting is they might greatly reduce hunting rewards! We wouldn’t want that at all :flushed:

I tried your methodology and finally have been successful ( by my definition). I mined for 2.5 hours using iron hammers and a gold hammer for the gems and titanium. I mined 4 strips about 100 blocks long and stripped mined when I found diamonds or hard coal. I mined the following:

2913 assorted rocks
303 soft coal, 158 medium coal and 40 hard coal
48 small fossils and 12 large fossils
331 Iron
120 coal
45 gold
7 silver

56 raw diamonds
30 titanium

Thank you very much for the suggestion.

Out of curiosity how many diamond hammers do you go through per trip on average?


Awesome! Glad to hear that.

I use amethyst hammers since they have 1x2 hit, perfect for tunneling. Last session (I continued later what I already said before) I got 163 raw diamonds, and spent 3 amethyst hammers (I have mastery maxed out, also power, dexterity and durability of tools). Also got about 200 titanium iirc, might be wrong.

One tip though, when you prepare to go gem hunting, make sure you’ll have enough time. Once regen hits it’s finished :smiley: I have done some testing with latest session and tried today in the same area after regen. It’s very noticeable that all other resources are scarcer, not just diamonds. So, when tunneling if you get to a area where on 100 blocks length of tunnel you hit just a few other resources, somebody already did that area, try to hit caves and grapple away a bit further.

Advanced tip: if you’re into it, you can see clearly in debug screen where chunk (plot) edges are, so if once you find untouched area with diamonds, try to use it as much as possible by not making everything around you regen, but limit to chunks you can handle in one session. Hope that makes sense :smiley: If you don’t know what I’m talking about just ignore.

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So mining for gems is much better than hunting :thinking: besides getting a lot more gems you also get tons of other raw materials. I should try this.

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Yeah, I’d strongly recommend Andooweem to all budding gem hunters. It’s really the most suitable planet for the activity.

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Also, diamond is in crazy high demand right now. If we could trade in organs for diamonds people would (what are you thinking? spitter organs of course!) .


Been doing some experimenting on how to organize your diamond hunt once you hit the area. Probably gonna post some info about that, and it does not include using debug menu! Even beginners should able to follow. I figured that once you hit diamond area you’d want to maximize your result, so I tried to come up with a way to do that easily. To tired now to explain.


Dont forget that this works only with diamonds and rubies…But it works nonetheless. using this technique on munteen i found …5 amethyst in two hours