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Hi all.

I’ve been trying to work out which planets are best for mining each type of gem.

Do any of you have certain preferences?

Diamond/Ruby > Malurialakrib

  • Can mine diamonds and turn them to ruby via gem chisel changers

Topaz/Sapphure > Galan, Houchus I

  • Personal preference goes to Galan, gotta mine high but can find thousands with the right gear in an hour

Emerald/Amethyst > Shedu Tier, Norkyna

  • Personally I find it easier to mine the other gems, or mine at altitude 30 for silver on Norkyna using an atlas, than sell the other gems to buy Emerald or Amethyst, but that’s just me.

I find there a lot of lava on Malurialakrib.

Galan is my go to for topaz (I have thousands of them)

Emerald seem to be the hardest of the three to gather.

I would recommend exploring Malurialakrib for hotspots. I have several on the planet and its extremely rare for me to encounter lava.

Stick a diamond in an atlas, warp to a random part of the planet, if there’s no major hotspots nearby simply return to sanctum and try again. Will cost a few hundred coin but once ya got a goot spot you can plop a beacon down for easy access again.

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I’ll give it a try

I like Kol Huroo for diamond, (EU server)

I’ll try it out too.

Diamonds - Toss-up between Serpensarindi and Malurialakrib. Serp actually has more, IIRC, but they are thicker in the Malu hotspots. Malu has two issues though - more lava, and more importantly, people have blocked off huge areas of hotspots in some places. Also, Serp being a lv 5, can go a little quicker with worse tools. Serp is also good since you get copper too. Both have rubies too, and you’ll get silver in the rubies areas. And Serp has such large diamond hotspots that you can just mindlessly tear through them without checking your location too much.

Sapphires - Houchus I, no question there. By far the thickest gems I’ve seen in hotspots. You get some topaz too. Tons of fossils, which sell well, but not much metal other than iron.

Amethyst/Emerald - Norkyna, and yeah, these are the toughest. Amethyst easier than emerald though. Emerald seems to be in very lava-heavy areas. They overlap some though, so I just go for amethyst. Can always change em I guess. It is pretty profitable since the amethyst spots also have a ton of gold, silver, and fossils.

Edit: On the lava for low stuff, I try to stay at 16, seems that is the elevation of the surface of it a lot of times.

I’ve never once encountered lava and have mined it extensively!

There is lava in certain places, lots of it.


I’ll have to try houchus I and Norkyna.


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Besevrona (T5) is decent for amethyst. Really gonna come down to which one u can tolerate between shedu/norkyana/besevrona.

Shedu has those annoying lava tunnels
Norkyana has a ton of lava everywhere
Besevrona has less or no lava but since its T5 yields may be lower. But sometimes you can find a decent spot

Mala for diamonds, houchus for sapphire is what i use

Lava tip: if you hit a spot and lava comes down, break the blocks directly below the lava and it wont flow towards you. Can maneuver around lava a bit easier this way


Keep reading about gem changing. How does that work and what can be changed?
I’d love to get some emeralds, but have looked on a couple planets for them and didn’t find any gems but lots of lava and I don’t like lava, so gave up. The cost of buying them is really high for emeralds. Did find sapphires on Galen, not a lot but got just over 20 in around a couple hours and five or six of topaz.

Anyhow, what gems can I change to emeralds? What type of chisel do I need to get and any specific skill for it?

You just need a Gem Chisel that has been transformed to be a block changer. I don’t know what the going price is for it. I think I saw one being sold at the Golden Fist was going just under 5000, but don’t quote me on that haha.

You can change gems to the other gem in that family using a gem chisel forged with the transformation boon.

So Emerald>Amethyst

Just need any gem chisel and then forge the transformation effect onto it. Compact your gems, place them and use the forged gem chisel to change their type

We have public mines for all in our stargate network. No lava at both our mckrib mines. Norky does however.

Also have a silver mine.

All mines are already at correct altitudes. Just breaks walls and collect the riches

How might one get to the Stargate network?

Which planet are you on?

If you know how to get to Ultima networks Alintas;

At Alintas gate leave the protected shelter. Just outside and down the fist ramp you will see the portal to the Alintas Stargate. Once through there you will see a portal to Flan that you will take next. After this just continue straight through the portals until you reach Malurialakrib. The mine access is in the lower level of the portal. These mines are open to the public. Consequently we also have a very productive mines at Galan, Houchy, Norky.

Feel free to message if you have any questions! Good luck mining!

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