General Store of Black Light

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The General Store of Black Light

The General Store of Black Light is now open for business! As of now stock is admittedly small, but as my inventory increases so will the number of items I buy and sell! I will be selling everything from raw materials to finished gear and more!

As of now I have stands for all metal bars, some surface resource materials, and even some rocks and trunks needed to build and expand the roads of Black Light!

Located in the southern part of the city, Black Light is on Pheminorum and can be accessed by either the Portal Seekers Bituula hub or the Auqa hub on Finata.
Come stop by and take a look :wink:


Request baskets recoined, and my shop stands currently have lower prices than @OmniUno :wink:
Come check it out!

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Request baskets have more coin, and I’ve added a few new items for sale! Corrosion shards, grass seeds, flint, rock salt, and opals among a few others.

Request baskets recoined and the hottest selling iron bars restocked!
One night only!
Buying Dark Turqoise Igenous rocks and Orange Twisted wood trunks for 5c each!!
Sell everything you can before it’s too late!

Alright folks

Request baskets are recoined, with many budgets raised!
A whole host of new items are available to sell to me!
New items for sale too including:

  • Compact Soft Coal - 150c
  • Compact Medium Coal - 250c
  • Compact Hard Coal - 400c
  • many more!

Stop by and take a look

All request baskets have been recoined as usual, and there are many more things I am buying in them now! More mob drops, more crafting mats, more food!
Stop by and take care of all your needs at the General Store of Black Light!

Hi in 20’ i login for first time this game seems amazing .can i contact you ? Thx

Ps4 see you in game ok

Request baskets recoined, and I’m restocked on compact hard coal, compact medium coal, and iron bars!
Get it while it’s hot!

As always, request baskets have been restocked, several shop stands restocked, and several of my prices have gone down! Namely on saltpeter fragments, fibrous leaves, and a few others.
Come check it out!

I have been busy setting up a portal to make my shop even easier to find! Simply make your way to the Aqua Portal on Finata and go through the Pheminorum, then through the portal to Black Light, and you’ll see my portal on your left!

I have reduced my price on hard coal, and started selling diamonds, lean meat, cooked meat, and I’m buying a lot of items for even more money! All my request baskets are stocked so come by and have a look!

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Hello all! Several hot items have been restocked, including copper, iron, silver, gold, and titanium bars, and compact hard and medium coal! Fibrous leaves have been restocked as well.

Many of my request baskets have also been recoined and had their prices raised!

Request baskets reclined as usual, and many of the prices went up again to help keep stock of hot items!

I am now buying rough oortstone for 180 coins each!

Restocked some shop stands and recoined my baskets! Also added a few things lately: workbenches, extractors and sapphires! And I’m almost sure my price for sapphires is the lowest around. I will also be adding more machine types to my shop as I am able. Take a look!

Now accepting special orders! PM me and we can work out a price

The store has received just a few changes recently!
As always my request baskets are recoined and many of my shop stands were restocked. Iron tools and slingbows, and copper tools and slingbows have been added to the store. Several prices have changed to reflect the regen, bomb mining, and recipe changes in the recent patch.

Additionally, my shop stands and request baskets have been moved around between the first, second, and now third floors!
The idea being that different floors will have different categories (mats, tools, blocks, etc).

The third floor will be forged gear.
As of right now I only have a couple AoE titanium hammers, but I will adding more as I am able.

All my request baskets were recoined, and many of my buy prices were increased. Also, a lot of my shop stand prices were lowered too. More money and mats for you guys!

Just done some restocking and recoining.

I also just raised the prices of my gem request baskets and added more coin so don’t for get to take a look on the second floor! And there is a cheap AoE titanium hammer on the third floor so don’t forget to look upstairs!

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Lowered my shop stand prices again to be a little more in line with the rest of the market, as well as increased my buy prices in request baskets to try and replenish my stock as fast as I am selling things!

I also added several lower end forged iron hammers for those that can’t afford all the 25k-30k gem hammers you see in other shops

Dumped about 50k into request baskets, and I am currently buying iron, silver, gold, titanium and all three types of coal at significantly higher prices than I was before so get selling! I also still have a few forged hammers on the top floor, and request baskets for gems on the second floor

Blacklight has be redesigned and more shops now opened. find us via Vixens cheap as chips on Lamblis or Slip Stream Lamblis and the ultima clock tower on Finata,

see you there.

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