Getting Excited for some Weekend Boundless

Hello Friends. I have been more of a lurker here lately due to my work schedule. My playtime has actually been drastically cut due to the nature of my work. However. . . this weekend is ALL MINE! And I can’t wait to put in some serious Boundless hours!!

I think I’ll work on my property some. If you want to be put to work, come out and say hi. I might also jump in on someone’s weekend project if you have one going. Just post here and lets put something together. It’s May 1 and today just feels. . . optimistic. Let’s have an especially unique Boundless weekend and do something super special!


Great to see you!! :smiley: I’ll drop by for sure to say hi!

Other than a nice drive tomorrow for some yummy takeout, should be a gaming binge weekend here too - mostly Boundless of course. :grin: What exactly I’ll do will depend on what exos might pop, those always get top priority but some get a lot more time than others, but got a few things going.

All my bases need some work, particularly have a lot to do on Flan, but I really want to put in a nice pool deck at my Raxxa place. :slight_smile: One of the things I find myself missing most right now is swimming… so can do the next best thing and build a nice pool in Boundless I suppose! Got a great swimming area at our Hamburg store of course! And, had a couple pools at my old Alder place but wiped that… but with the new blocks since those were built, think there is a lot of potential for better now than what was at Alder there.

May is my favorite month, as an aside… so pretty and bright green where I live in May. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: