Getting Hammers forged


I am not really good in forging (the logic really eludes me) and was wondering, how much it would cost, if I asked someone to forge me 9 hammers for T5/T6 mining (so 3x3 and durability would be good) - if I provide the hammers. :slight_smile:

I need to see whether I have funds for that. :smiley: I’ve been buying those hammers and it’s kinda emptying my virtual wallet, I am hoping “just the forging” will be a bit cheaper. :wink:

Any offers appreciated.

PS: I have diamond hammers and saphire hammers (in case a swap is easier/quicker/safer) :slight_smile:

One can buy unforged hammers, diamond, for around 950c so that would be the discount you could get at most…

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with 9 hammers that still makes a difference of ~8,500c. I’ve been buying some diamond 3x3 hammers for 6000-7000c and considering the resources I wasted to try to forge myself… I think it’s something worth considering. :smiley:

Thanks Aenea for the heads-up!

I could also provide the some of the required gums etc, as I won’t be using them. :smiley: