Getting inside a meteor while still active

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Last meteor of the night and I decide to jump in early.
Meteorite falls over me.

Special thanks to ElSioui for hosting the hunt.


Congrats on your achievement! :laughing:


Happened to me 3 days ago


if you were lucky, the portal out of the sanctum might even open up inside the meteor again if its big enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Now if you had a reviver brew active would you be alive on the inside?




Life changing experiences right? lol


Will try to do it again for science.


you can grapple them too :smiley:


If you grapple it from a tower and pull the line in you can stop it from hitting the ground but you need a blink swift grapple with maxed out reel speed.


I was on this hunt and it was a level 6 meteor on Delta Cancret. Now I’m curious if that is big enough. :joy:


Revive brew :wink:


I believe I remember this hunt!


@lucadeltodecso what other boundless secrets do you know? :roll_eyes:


Yes. It happened to me once!


Brilliant! :joy:


Time for revive brew then /sit