Getting stuck in the Inventory while Chatting

I mentioned this a few days back in the big issues thread but didn’t get any acknowledgement so making it’s own thread since someone else just got the same bug.

I thought it was just my game crashed out before but @Heureka and @defectivedev have experienced the exact same bug I have.

When you have your inventory open and are chatting in game you can get stuck there in the inventory bag, locked out of everything else - the mouse only allows you to move things around in your inventory, you cannot use your escape key to cancel out of your inventory screen.

There’s no alternative at all but to totally restart the game to unlock yourself.

I’m not sure if it’s an exact set of keystrokes that causes this bug but I thought I’d post about it anyway in case anyone else has had it.

Does it still occur even after you close the chat?

Yep it still locks you into that screen, you can use your mouse to move things about in your inventory, chat, and turn the chat on and off - other than that you are stuck viewing your inventory.

I tried every button on my keyboard 1 by 1 to get out of it but there’s no other way other than to restart the game.

It doesn’t happen every time, that’s why I said I don’t know whether it’s a distinct set of keystrokes that cause it, like opening chat, then opening inventory, then typing “Hi how are you *****”. (Hopefully one of the others who has suffered it can give more info as to what happened to them, I’m not the most technically minded person.)

(I will try and get a screenie of the chat and screen next time it happens)

Iv had the same problem so i thought id record it and no matter what i do i can reproduce it 100% as in in video

Iv tried everything from hitting ESC to open chat just to get out of it once i open the interface and type it locks to it unable to do anything else other then force close game

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This has happened to me three times in a row today.

Also, each time I log back into the game, I’m hundreds of units away from where I was. This last time Sanctum put me in a cave that I think is under Pixelgate. I found a small pool of lava at any rate.

I don’t really know what your teleporting issue is or why it happens or how to deal with it.

But generally te chat interrupting gameplay by locking you from your windows is a setting called “continuous chat” which means you have to exit chat via ‘esc’ in order to keep playing, otherwise it will continuously restart a new typing line

ESC didn’t work. First thing I tried. Wasn’t able to continue to chat either. I could access inventory, but nothing else worked. But I turned off continuous chat option. Maybe it will help. Thanks for the suggestion.