Getting stuck when running through chiselled blocks

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Whenever I go to that exact spot, I get stuck and can’t move. Sometimes when trying to get free I suddenly die. Sometimes my character gets shot into the air. But most of the times I have to log back to Sanctum.

That spot is quite significantly chiseled and it seems hitboxes of some chiseled blocks are wrong.

I’ve tested that spot with a friend and I can reproduce it 100/100.


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I get the same problem on these diagonals. Silver chiselled. If I run into one I’m stuck.

Ooh this one’s back eh?

We had this bug in EA, there was a chiseled railing in Black Light just in front of the portal, lol EVERYONE got stuck there haha


I havent run into this one in a while… weird that its back :thinking:

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Used to happen to me on one of the roads I built. I avoided using it after it killed me because I stubbed my toe too fast.

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Yeah I ran into this issue when working on the roof of one of my builds. Quite frustrating.

What are the coordinates where this is located? Also, what kind of shape did you chisel? As it’s hard to work out what shape is it from a single screenshot.

Did you have the same shaped blocks as @Marrs, or different ones?

This does seem to happen for me on mainly square chiselled blocks if they are set on the floor level, not always, just every so often you would get stuck.

I used a precise square chisel and made the block only have two squares left diagonally from each other so you could still walk on them. Didn’t matter if you were walking or running you would get stuck sometimes.

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Also the first player portal on Arie Plaza - go through Ultima HQ Arie, turn right, first portal on right, labelled “The Hippie” I see … LOL @WhipperSnapper

The sloping section is made with Silver Chisel with Chisel Epic. 2 x 2 of blocks hitting the bottom 2 edges corners on the inside and the top 2 edges corners on the outside. I’ll make some screenies to explain if I can.

Sounds like it’s not chisel/shape specific? But anyway …

I noticed i would get stuck sometimes while creeping along the edge of a plot line. are these by chance happening at the edges of plot lines as well?

Mine was from the Bevel chisel. It was on an edge where 2 different direction bevels met each other. Think of a pyramid made from Bevels (to give almost the exact look of what the Slope chisel can do), the diagonal crease going from base to the top point. Along that line I would occasionally get stuck.

I can’t show you because I ended up ripping it down and building something else. But I can say that it was definitely from the Bevel chisels.

Thanks for the replies. It’s always useful when players report examples of issues where characters get stuck on chiselled blocks, so that we can identify and fix them.

Thanks for the example. Took a few tries to get this looking like the screenshot, but it does look like it’s possible to get stuck on these chiselled blocks, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

Was that only part of the area you got stuck on?

I’m getting stuck on the opposite side of the bridge as well (left side on the screen). Same bug.

I know you’ve provided coordinates, but could you also provide some screenshots showing the different angles of that area? This is so I can attempt to recreate that ‘bridge’ area myself.

Incidentally, did you create this, or did someone else build it?

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1/10 times I’m getting stuck right here in the middle.

Not my build, it’s “Cakeasaki” (@Ark)

We also had the same issue in the wild recently on a hunt. Didn’t think to get cords or ss at the time though, sorry.

Had this too. Reported it etc, but tore the thing down when it started causing problems.

Was a good 6+mths ago. With my build you would get stuck kind of floating above it whenever you tried to jump over the thing

Thanks for showing me where it is in game.

No problem, glad I could help.
Never expected to find a dev in the wild, especially drowning, and have to help them find their way around :laughing:

It was an absolute pleasure, and sorry again
for reporting you!