GForge 🔨 Budget 3x3 Tools

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Dumping my stockpile of 3x3 tools, check the current stock handily from BUTT by going to

Soft means it works (1-hits) for materials like soil, sand and foliage
Hard means rock, trunk, sponge etc.

The shop has a portal in the TNT Megahub, south side


Lovely setup you have created. I mean, I haven’t visited the shop yet but the beacon naming is great.

Thanks for taking the time it will definitely be appreciated.

Thanks! The shop isn’t anything special, the beacon setup was the main idea I’m testing here, oh how I wish the beacon names weren’t limited to 32 characters :stuck_out_tongue:

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im going :smiley:

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Ill support the fellow finn :ok_hand: was just thinking i need some new axes.

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Nice shop :slight_smile:
Would be nice when more forge shops would label what kind of tier they sell but it is rarely done.
The 32 char limit is a big hinderance.

Please do not be the next one to burn out. Forging such a huge offer looks unhealthy :wink:

what can i say?

im in heaven !!!

i have 2 mastery builds, 1 for shovel/axe 1 for hammer :smiley: those tools are perfect for mastery builds :smiley:

im mainly gathering low tier worlds unless there is higher tier with color i want :smiley: and ofc gleam i mining regardless of world tier just to hoarder it :smiley: so i often mining gleam at t6 sovs :smiley:

i think i will be a frequent guest

i think he wanted to shopping here as well

dont let it in, dont want hopper running after you with hammer?

I never said I would be restocking it regularly :wink: That’s also not to say I won’t restock ever, no idea what the future holds, so no promises

Glad you like it, and please don’t let the “aggressive visitors” in :smiley:

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I think it would speed up the buying process.

200IQ shopkeeper moves, don’t leave any time to think about it :smiley:

Wait, so how does this work? Is this just several small plots? Or it is a single plot with beacons in different names?

Several 1-plot beacons to give them unique names

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