Gleam bow gleam prices?

I have been trying to buy gleambow gleam for a few days now with zero luck. Looking for about 15 different colours and i have advertised & added baskets.

Finding it in shops is also kinda difficult as the knowledge hub lists the cheapest 10 or whatever, not the most expensive… great for selling but not if you want a rare item thats in the same category as all other gleam.

For those interested in on Arie and their is a portal from rivertowns to my home with baskets (gold portal with ghandy above)

Not looking for black, as its for a build

Edit: im currently paying 250c to 350c dependant on colour, if thats too low what would you sell it to me for??

Maybe it’s ease of access? I don’t even know off the top of my head how to get to rivertowns :sweat_smile: also do you have signs saying what color they are? It’s not very easy for PS4 players to figure it out in a hurry.

I’d guess a lot of people are waiting until the event is over so they can sort and see how much they have. Me personally tho I probably wont sell any. Trade maybe, but not until the event is over


Same for me here, ill mostly sell or trade on request and only the gleam i have a lot of it, but wont bother much about it, for everything else, ill wait till the event is done since most of my storage is a mess rn… imagine doin hunts 4hrs a day… and organisation done 5% lol

Rivertowns (rtg) on arie is pretty easy to find, portals from ultima, nova golda, most malls and two on TNT, one to arie and one specifically marked river towns.

As for signs, nope but its pretty much all the bright and dark reds, blues and greens

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Idek what colors i have. I think i have at least 1 of at least 230 colors. I need at least 7 of each color. Maybe 10.

If I saw a price of 2k+ for one gleam (as i have in the past) i would be tempted to sell a few though

Trading is also an option.will add a colour list soon, just at work, working hard currently

as much as i know of my storage (what i did 2 days ago) i had 7 full sets (all 255)

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but dear god idk rn, since i have 5+ full storages if tons of stuff from gleambow :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw black going at that price, hopefully some others are more reasonable.

Trying to keep a ceiling of 350, but that may have to be flexible lol.

I was going to add a lot more colours i wanted, but wasnt 100% sure they hadnt been on an exo lol

I have quite a bit of some colours, but one of my more idiotic build ideas calls for about 270 bright red lol


hmm, did u look for it at code gleam? or gleam universe?

Probably shouldnt go off of me lol. I’m a hoarder and rarely sell anything. But for the right price :thinking:

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Nope i did not. I know where code is, but gleam universe i have not come across before. Where is the shop located?

Its at DKs tree, big ass portal really near the DK legendville mall portal

i can get you there if you want to im in game rn

I had gleam in stands at 10k coin and people were buying it.

I changed them to 99999999 because I actually didn’t want to sell it that bad. You could offer me 10k per piece right now and I would tell you to wait until after the event.

Actual numbers aside, I’d guess that a lot of people feel the same.AFter the event I’lls tart making swaps where I can to fill in any gaps as I’d like to set aside 6 of each block for a build and it looks like i might not be able to gather them.

Should be ok finding it :slight_smile:

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I will not sell until I stop increasing the offer. When the offer is stable and the demand begins to appear, then I will sell. Selling now means selling badly in most cases, except if you find a buyer in a hurry willing to offer crazy quantities for a specific color.

I’ll see how much bright red I’ve managed to acquire and you can have it as I do recall you once dumping an assortment of nice coloured gleam from the last gleambow event on me.

That is indeed insane planning to use that much gleambow gleam, haah.

Yea, its bit silly lol. Thanks for the offer, any would be greatly appreciated. I should have probably kept some old gb gleam as i did give it all away lol.

I might not be around for the next week, but will msg you as soon as i am on

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