Gleam changed colour after it was refined

I think they need to up the goo pigment drop rate. kernals are easy to farm so like 5 pigments a plant might be a happy medium.

Going to guess that although it’s a known error in the game for the developers - I won’t receive my 27 luminous gleam back :worried:

The only error is nothing stating that you take a chance when you mix items like that. I’m sure it’s in one of the release notes when they made the change to having it the way it is.

It’s known, yes, it’s most certainly NOT an error tho…

Add 35 black, 1 white, do masscraft and you have a 1 in 36 chance of getting all white, you won’t know until it’s done which it will be.

If they would show you the end result it would be canceled and retried until the desired result would show, not what they want to happen hence why they do not show the correct result at all…

A warning would be nice tho, but still.


The error is the outcome block, when it states in the machine it’s coming out as a particular colour and it doesn’t then that’s an error? As James said here…

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Was that exo or gleambow?

@Cuetzpalomitl gleambow, 27 pieces of luminous green

Seems to me that James agrees it’s an error…

He’s saying that the fix to stop it from being random as it is now is to make it so it’s gives a return for each color instead of random.

So it’s not broken. It’s working as intended at the moment but there’s a fix to make it no longer be random and still keep us from getting weighted in our favor.

We are lucky we don’t get a completely different color than what we put in. I mean how colors actually work mixing two colors together would give you a completely different color than either of the two added.

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Nope, it’s not since it’s sorta known to be a random outcome if not all input blocks are the same no matter what the machine says.

The reason it is not showing the outcome is as I and others have said several times already that people would keep canceling until they see the right outcome colour.

So, again, no, it’s not an error.

It is annoying and confusing and I think everyone here has had the same experience at least once, perhaps even without realising it when the blocks weren’t all that important…

He never said it’s an error, he says that a fix to counter act the bad feelings you get from the randomness is to change the randomness.

Another possible ‘fix’ for instance is to warn people after turning on the craft then at least they know it might not produce the desired result.

Also, don’t forget that the ‘fix’ James is proposing is still not quite what you would have liked.

Now before producing 50 refined gleam it does a random roll over the 36 pieces of gleam provided, if half is another colour then you want then there’s a 50% chance of all 50 to be the undesired colour.

James’ fix means that the end result should be around half of the blocks to be the right colour and the other half to be the wrong colour, BUT since it’s still a random roll PER OUTPUT BLOCK it could also be 60/40 or 30/70, etc. It just means if you do it a 1000 times that on average it should be around 50/50 but still guarantees nothing of the end result.

Is that a fix you could live with?

The proposed change changes the output ratio of colours to match the input ratio, no randomness. At least that’s how I interpret it.

Anyhow the issue is that since the game doesn’t tell you what’s going to happen, people feel frustrated. It’s not enough that it’s “sort of known”, the game should warn about it.

I’m just confused at how all this is “worked out”

so I used 27 luminous green which should be worked out at 75%
And 9 different coloured gleam.
That means getting white was a 2.7%
Yet I still got white.
The fact that majority was luminous green and it stated luminous green in the queue.

But yeah I get no matter what it was pointless bringing this up with the developers attention as they are already aware of this. But “some” people including myself were/are not aware of it

I interpreted it differently:


The fix (IMO) is to evaluate the output colour per output item. You’d then expect an output colour ratio that matches in the input colour ratio.

‘evaluate the output colour per output item’ I took to mean that it still randomly determines the outcome per output item.

That you then expect the ratio to match the input ratio strengthens that IMO, as in you expect a 50/50 ratio and you get a more or less 50/50 one, not an assured 50/50 one…

I know and I agree hence why I said the game could also warn people after clicking to craft it…

Yeah, you got really unlucky that it rolled the white one as the outcome.

Of course you can also think of it as that you had a 25% chance of an outcome of one of the 9 random colours, that chance is much higher than the one…

Nope, is never pointless, the more people run into this and complain the faster perhaps something is done about it! :slight_smile:

That would be actually nice, if it worked like the Pigment mixer. if you mix 2 block color it show you the outcome before crafting it.


I’d be on board with that if glass panes would work that way too :sweat_smile:. Need a lot more black glass panes

So… this is mainly display issue?.
Ive seen this happening for me too kinda… altough it was with wood.

I start crafting… queue shows i get X color… i press “e” to quit from the machine and then check it again and it shows different color.

It will only show multiple colors if your crafting with multiple colors. It’s displaying the different possible outcomes. Craft with only one color and it will only show one color.

randomness would still play a part in the “new system”.

eg, a recipe that takes “2 gleam” (and tinted by gleam), and you have 2 gleam, one red and one blue. the only choice (other than dont allow crafting) is to make it a 50/50 here on which colour you get.

I would hope, that if you instead had 51 red and 49 blue, that you would “definitely” get 25 red, 24 blue, and then a 50/50 of blue/red on just 1 single output, eg the system would be set up to try and never do randomness unless necessary.

other alternative, being that the 50/50 case instead does “colour mixing” like with goo outputs maybe, so itd not be random even in that case; i would still hope to always get 25 red, 24 blue though… meh, thats getting a bit weird now then. i take it back, randomness on that final output would be “better”.


Actually, I enjoy rolling the dice and taking my chances. I personally like the system just fine the way it is.

Perhaps have a way for the item preview in the machine interface to continuously toggle between possible outcomes? Similar to how shop stands baring multiple colours/items toggle back and forth with the mesh between what’s on sale within. I think that could clear up some “confusion” when people decide to gamble and lose. Would that be feasible in any shape or form?

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