Gleam Club membership not reflected in beacon fuel


this problem and broken warps conduits not repair last 3 weeks i think first time must balanced game nerfed all fun then can repair main parts in games.


So if you have Gleam Club membership is there any benefit to adding higher quality fuel (or any fuel for that matter) into your beacons?

With the membership you won’t run out and if your membership expires you get a week for free anyway?


Not that I can see, except hitting an objective about better beacon fuel.


Hi James when is the next update? I’ve got 6 days warning on most of my beacons but 3 so if that runs out because of the bug then my temple will decay n someone could come along and hack it all worried because tonight I went and visited my temple in bitula I clicked on the beacon because it says only 6 days left n few days so I changed to green writing n said 4 weeks and so many days left which is correct time left as I’m gleam member and it should be covered as only paid my membership last week again for another 30 after I had seen it change back to 4 weeks correct time left it went straight back to reading 6 days,so this means that clicking my beacons that are buggy and reading 6days left wrong time means that it’s not going to work just clicking the beacons as I tested this tonight BECAYSE I read that it sorts the bug out.Not for me,so I have about ten beacons that say 6 days left warning exclamation mark next to it on my beacons list,and only 3 beacons reading the correct time.Hope the next update is going to be done before the 6 days ends or what am I gonna do?I have taken photos on my ps4 tonight to show what it reads.

* 1. List item


This is photo of when I looked at my beacons list tonight before I went to bitula to click on my beacon.As you can see about 3 or 4 beacons are fine and read I’m covered by my gleam membership club but the other beacons are not covered only for 6 days.


When I clicked beacon it reads this but after I come off it and go to my beacons list it shows 6 days again?


This is after I went to bitula and pressed on my beacon first showed 6 days then I pressed npbeacon it showed 4 weeks but after I’d gone off beacon it shows back to the previous 6 days 10 hours,so you can clearly see me going pressing my beacon dosent keep it on the true timer.Im gleam club thought I’d post these photos to prove this problem.


In my experience when these count down to zero they will then finally show the correct Gleam Club time remaining in the Places menu. They always seem to look okay on the beacon.


@COSMICCORI18, if you’re still getting this issue, then we’ll need to take another look at it.


gleam club not working and nothing help.I log in and see my beacons 6 days to expire i click to this beacon and time change to right time9 weeks but after relog same cant add fuel gleam club not work and beacons expired really super work when cant repair this after 4 patch :frowning: when i lost my plots in expired beacon i need back my all money what i spend to gleam club and plots this game is on way to hell and die now:(


That’s extremely bad .I hope this dosent happen to me I’m waiting for next update when it gets fixed.I only have few days left I’m gleam club same as you.I got big pyramids and also a temple huge so I’m hoping when false time on my beacons ends it will automaticly reset to right time as I’ve a month on all my beacons left.I got over ten beacons.My home planet beacons seem to work I can see correct time.Hope you get rewarded with your money back and also maybe some free stuff to make up for this bug.Its bad especially if you have spent time and maybe money on making some nice buildings or whatever.Best of luck in the future if you decide to carry on playing boundless.Do hope you get compensation,it’s not done deliberately ,but the developers should of stopped the whole game and fixed it so I wouldn’t ever happen to anyone.


Hello gdragon.Tonight I checked my beacons list now I only have two beacons that have warning saying only few days left.My other beacons that read warning as those two beacons are showing the right time and that I’m gleam club so this is great.Im sure that the two beacons that show wrong time will run out then go to the correct time and show I’m covered by gleam club membership.Thanks for fixing this if you did.I will text you to let you know if my other beacons resurrect themselves to correct time and gleam club working on them.


Hi there.Im really happy because today I check my beacon list and hey Preston! My gleam club is showing up now saying correct time.Thanks for fixing that bug.


this bug isnt fixed i log in today and see my beacons 3 day-7weeks i have gleam club 2 moths.
when i open Windows with place and beacons clik on beacon with 3 day time change to right time but when close window and reopen time is back on 3 day cant add fuell and when beacon expired i lost alll OR WHAT OMG??? i build my buildings 3 months and now WHAT ??? i spend many money to buy plots and now???.
TH doing nothing and cant or dont know how fix this hard bug or say any its only graphic u have all right! this game is really death i play many many years iam old i play many games as founder from prealpha testing etc .but this game is top of all with bugs ,slow patching,nerfing fun,adding stupid HC systems ,economy death, hard unbalanced weapons tools skills,nobody test any! Only TH send new and new patch but repair 1 thing and broken next 10 and no repair exist broken things.WHen this bug destroy all my plots and building i need my money back all my money .


I dont think you’ll lose anything (dont quote me).

From what i gather/others have said in the past the bug is just the time display, they wont actually expire when it reaches 0.


When my beacons ticked down and I had this bug it then showed my gleam club as normal so I’m pretty sure that this is what’s gonna happen to yours but obviously I don’t know for sure.Hopefully your beacons will be showing gleam club and they won’t fail.If it dosent work then report it I’m sure they will sort it out for you if anything goes wrong.Goodluck.


We have pushed a few more fixes to do with the beacon fuel time not showing correctly for players with Gleam Club, so let us know if this improves anything.