Gleam Club membership not reflected in beacon fuel


Since the update, now showing a red warning sign on my beacon as having 6d instead of the ~23w it was last night.

Edit: Okay it’s a bit more complex than that. If an alt logs in, the shows as not applied to other beacons on other characters. However if you log in on the character that owns the beacon with the warning, it shows as fuelled for GC membership length again.

Seems to happen across any alt - if you’re on character A and have permissions on character B’s beacon and it shows in your beacon list, you get the red !, the flashing beacon icon and the warning. When you switch to that beacon owner, all seems well.

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Could you post screenshots for reference showing the differences per character?


Sure. These are on the same beacon.

Owner checking actual beacon:

In beacon list in Places, seen by alt with full permissions:



Thanks for the screenshots. After asking around, the answer is that only the mayor will see the time for the Gleam Club membership applied. Other characters will see the time as if it’s a normal beacon.


Will or should? For now it’s giving us false warnings about low beacon fuel if we’re not Mayor, but will it be fixed so it works properly on alt characters on the same account?


I’m getting the same issue.


I’ve asked again about this and there’s a technical reason for this, so an engineer would probably be better at explaining this than me.

However, once the time runs out for characters who are not the Mayor, the timer will then correct itself and show the actual remaining time.


The fake time it shows of 6d 0h? That didn’t seem to be ticking down but I can check. Or it will be incorrect for 23w of gleam club?


Yes, that time of 6d 0h.

Wait, did you say it wasn’t ticking down?


Well it didn’t look like it but I’ll check later - the rounding might’ve masked it.


I am not sure how the Mayor has anything to do with this.

Non-GC members (whether mayor or not) see smoke on a beacon when there should be none because the beacon has fuel for a set amount of time. That display needs to be fixed.

GC members (on all ALTs with perms) (Whether mayor or not) see a listing of the time but can still add fuel to the beacon even though they get a warning. When this is done the Non-GC member sees a flame again.

Havok and I also earlier reported that people with different GC memberships will see DIFFERENT times on beacons that they have shared access on no matter who owns it.

We need to get a consistent display here so that there is no confusion. I have no trust that GC actually works at this point.

I cannot add screenshots because the forum won’t take them again. Please go to the other thread for my screens.


Just so I have the correct screenshots, is it these ones that you had posted in the issues forum topic (the one with over 700 posts)?


Yeah that is the example of what we saw. Thank you.


I can confirm that when an alt sees the reduced value (without the GC factored in) that once it goes to zero, it then changes to show the correct GC value. The beacon with GC does not expire unexpectedly! (I was also a bit nervous!)

Gleam club and beacons fuel counting down

@philelliott, thanks very much for confirming this.

@Xaldafax, hopefully the above will give you reassurance, but I can pass on your comments to @james and other members of the team if you like.


@vdragon Yeah I will have to watch things and just see what happens in 3-4 weeks after the fuel I put in runs out. I do know that the patch that came in yesterday seemed like it fixed some of the issues. I’ll followup if I see any more weird stuff. :). Thank you!

You all should probably test, though, what happens when a new person has a beacon running with fuel and then buys GC to see if that timer bug shows itself or not. While it still might fix itself afterward with no issues, the bug of showing smoke could cause a lot of noise and problem reports for you all.


Strange that I have paid my gleam club membership once when first joined game at release then last week I paid it again but when I looked down my beacon list at all my beacons the earliest beacons I placed on other world’s says I have only a week left but my home beacon and recent beacons here on lamblis are saying the true time I have left.why is it that even though I paid the gleam club last week it’s not including my very first beacons I placed when I first played this game? I’m not impressed because now I will need to visit those planet’s this week to go check them in person which I shouldn’t need to do.The whole point of gleam club is to protect my beacon fuel,I’m on ps4 and luckily I noticed this whilst scrolling through my beacons list.Ive built stuff in other world’s that I will go back to finish but at the moment I’ve been concentrating on my home beacon place which is big.Is this just a glitch? Or does gleam club only protect some beacons.I have at least ten beacons.If anyone has an answer please write it I’d appreciate your feedback.


It says I only have a week left on my earlier beacons in red warning,me but yet my home beacon is covered by my gleam club and shows up plus a few more but it’s showing it’s not covered my other Beacons? I only paid gleam club again last week surely it’s meant to protect all our Beacons? Or have I not read the small print?


This should be fixed in the next update.


Yes it happened to me too. I have alot of beacons that clicked down to a few days even if i have 27 weeks. So far it got resolved by visiting each beacon 1 by 1…but for some reason it goes back to a few days if you check it through the beacon List from the Places Menu so you have to revisit it again. I stopped opening the Beacons List Option because of it