Gleam Club Membership


So, I’ve bought gleam club for 3 months. I like how the fuel appears for 12 weeks active, that’s awesome but I don’t see how I can use any other feature for the membership.
Is there a guide somewhere? Is this thing fully implemented?
Because for 13 euro… doesn’t give me much except if like I leave the game for a month or 2 so… at this point I don’t see much to go beyond those 3 months with this.

Maybe I’m missing something…

With respect,

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you can use chat colouring by typing “#colour” eg “#red” before a message. Emotes are the twitter emojis, and can be used like this: :emoji: like (ignoring the dot there, the forums uses the same syntax for emojis)

The beacon fuel you discovered,
The advanced tinting is currently just for your character, and can be used if you buy a character customisation thingy from the exchange, or make a new character.
The glyph is permanently above your head, and down at the bottom in the health and stamina widget.

Did I miss anything?
Also note: these features aren’t necessarily final, like suggestions have already been taken on the chat colouring system being annoying and a chore to use

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you need the quotes I put there

oki will try. but even so… it’s a horrible thing to pay for… :))

still no :))

hmm… I thought that was how it was meant to work

Ah, it was :#red:

:))) I really hope they didn’t meant for the color to be added using text. we are not in like 90’s

Was just about to say - it needs a colon after the color

They said that they will improve upon this post launch.

They agree that isnt not exactly the ideal way of using it atm ;p

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yap it works with :#red:

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yea but the price is full price :wink: ya’ know :))

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Yeh I know - not much we can do than to let them know though.

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yea, they probably already know it but what can you do, people are still buying it, I bought it. I just hope it doesn’t become a big disappointment that’s all.

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People indeed might need that video about scripting. :joy: