Gleam Club Ps4/PC


So i started playing on PS4, and my main base is owned by my character on that platform.
Just got a new PC so iv started to play on here now.
bought GC for my char on PC and decided i would just make the fuel for my PS4 base, but once i got GC here on PC the beacon tab updated to say my PS4 beacon now has time. As far as i know the game classes them as 2 accounts so GC shouldn’t apply should it?


Did you buy the deluxe version? Comes with a month of gleam if so, doesn’t it?


nope, ill upgrade when this runs out. bought the base forgot about delux. xD


I similarly switched from PS4 to PC and got gleam club on PC. My PS4 character’s beacons were lit and looked healthy to me but did manage to expire. So there could be a bug here. I also know they’ve fixed some gleam club bugs since then so I could have been a victim of one of those and it’s already fixed.

It’s superstitious but I would fuel your PS4 beacons until you can replot on your PC character just to be safe. Especially if it’s a build that would be devastating to lose. Mine was just a bridge so I’ll live.


i already have made sure to put an advanced in, as just before i bought GC it said hours before it expired.