Gleam color and spawning mechanics are kinda broken

Imagine calling waiting over a year for your favorite color to spawn a “journey”

Edit: I admit that sounded a bit mean, but really some people want certain colors to complete better palettes for cool builds and such


already happened

it is a journey and it’s cool



we got most of the colors by now -
not counting some shades that don’t differ much from what we already have

Alright sure, so being around the development of an evolving game system is a journey, but under the latest system the best I compare this to is either watching paint dry or grass grow. We have the technology and systems now to make this happen, so it’s frustrating to be gated entirely by a planetary spawn algorithm which continues to spawn the same colors or none at all.


What if permanent planets that have gleam mantained their primary color mostly but had random areas of gleam that always randomly changed colors?

I think telling a server to spawn a new color gleam in a permanent spot would require a world migration/server maintenance each time the color is changed

Oh, I don’t know anything behind what makes the game work. I’m just trying to say we need a solution to the lack of colors currently in the game.

I see your point. The value may not be a static number, but a shadow cerulean or shadow violet… I bet there would be more value based on its rarity.

My point is more of a seasoned eye walking by your build that sees how much went into your work…


If somebody builds with the rarest color in the universe, I’d never know difference. I’d only know whether or not the build looks good. I wouldn’t be like, “OMG that guy must have farmed exoplanets for weeks to get enough Sappy Oak colored rock for that build!!”


Which gives me an idea… what if you could spawn your own private instanced exoplanet…? You just build an Exo-Portal and BAM. Instanced planet. For as long as you care to fuel and keep it open.

How about a UV light Gem Color changing machine?
Pop in some gleam from a persistent planet + some other ingredient (maybe alexandrite, diaspore, andesine from an EXO or meteor) and it outputs a certain color of gleam.


Maybe! Fast solutions nao tho pls

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Maybe a solution for the gleam color, removing it from world color palette algorythm and using its own rng color. This may help to get new colors.

They could activate some gleam meteors(like the gleambow event) on exoworld, so when one does not generate gleam biomes/props we still can get some.


This is the main reason I quit/haven’t come back.

I am obsessed with colours and especially gleam. Learning that a planet that could have had one of my favourite colours of gleam but has none is heartbreaking.


The fact that a player was around and on an exo when a specific color appeared has nothing to do with how much work went into a build. They could have spent 1 hour on the exo and 5 on their build versus someone that mined for days and built for days. Who really put more work into their build?

Edit: I would also argue that as someone that has played for over 1500 hours I would be classified as a veteran. I would have no idea that your light violet gleam/rock/wood was rare and would never be impressed by its mere presence anyway. As @Krollbar stated I find it is more how creative someone was in their build that is impressive than the presence of a rare block.


Sorry but waiting for exos to spawn a particular color I’m looking for doesn’t bring me much enjoyment. If anything it makes me want to play something else until it spawns or I end up settling on a less desired color. I’d much rather have a legitimate way to grind out the gleam color i want. As of right now the gleam is rare until its not. And if this is the only way to get gleam colors moving forward, we may never see certain colors at all. I feel like we’re trying so hard to make things rare that don’t need to be rare.

I like @Gorillastomp’s idea about RNG gleam or RGG (Random Gleam Generator lol). It gives us something to work towards instead of waiting. Waiting is not a form of gameplay that keeps people around. Continue to spawn random gleam colors as normal, but introduce a new mechanic for the random gleam item.


Yup! 100%!

Yes, please


Alright, so we just got a new color gleam in only one type of gleam biome of sparsely spawned blocks. Yay or nay?

I only found the sunflower with it and then the field that reminds me of the ones on Merika. No decent blobs of it.