Gleam color and spawning mechanics are kinda broken

How long would it take to get all the gleam colors at the current release rate, excluding colors from static worlds? Take into account the number of repeats we’ve encountered. Also, if a world spawns with no gleam biome we’re boned. We’re also not able to paint gleam. I would propose enabling gleam painting due to the exo spawning timing structure until a more advanced structure/algorithm for the gleam spawns is implemented, but I also have no clue if at some point gleam could be crafted or farmed.


I would recommend adding a Dial-a-Gleam machine that can simply produce whatever color you want if you put the mats in. And not mega-difficult to obtain mats, like exo planet drops. Normal stuff like essence etc.

Title says it all. Glad you posted this; I was already planning on making a topic along these lines later on this evening.

Something really seems to be broken here… :imp:

Edit: I had a far fetched idea of maybe adding a bomb boon (or something) that changed radius blocks into gleam. This would probably be a bit OP, but wouldn’t help us get every colour… just the few missing colours on permanent planets and of course on exoplanets at our lesiure. I really don’t see the harm in any extra methods of obtaining gleam; it’s just a raw building material, after all…


Haha yeah, I love bombs but we can’t make them the magic pill for everything!

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Well I had a more complex idea for “Gleam Synthesis,” but at this point I’d settle for just another boond-aid. :joy:

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if we could pick any colour gleam, then there would be almost no point in having coloured gleam spawns. just make it all white if you want any colour you could just paint it. I think this would take away a lot of the uniqueness of not only coloured gleam but also the worlds they spawn on.


I agree that perhaps just spray painting gleam sounds pretty cheap (eventho goo farming can still be a complicated, limited mess in and of itself…)

However, I still feel we need a somewhat reliable method to get whatever colours we want if we’re willing to put the extra time and effort into it… be it gleambows, special machine processing… etc.

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The process isn’t as easy as “just paint it.” Goo farming is already a process of its own, and spawned gleam of decent colors could be farmed when it spawns as an alternative to painting. Painting enabled system would ideally just be a bandaid

Exactly this :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that colors which will never spawn in the next year can be called “unique” :thinking:


Hey, they could just make 226~ new permanent planets to cover the missing colours. That sounds more feasible…



Gleam synthesis should be annoying but not punishing. As stated above, some colors will never be part of the regular world and may not appear anywhere at all this year. I don’t see how your neighbor having a certain shade of yellow that they really really wanted will ruin your day.


I kind of like it being random and unpredictable. That way when someone builds with a rare gleam we have some understanding of what it’s worth.


So applying this logic, what would you say… I dunno… five blocks of Rust Taupe be worth, then?

Maybe I can get a price check on Deep Lilac or Vivid Lime while we’re at it.

Personally nothing to me… as it’s not a color I desire… but for someone who really loves a rare color might have different tastes.

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I really hate that we can’t tint gleam or borrow colors outside of morphing goo slowly. I’m glad to have the system, though

So let’s say for sake of argument Rust Taupe is a colour I desire. Should I, as a player, be punished because my one desired colour out of 255 is a “novelty item” across the known worlds?

I mean, if I really liked that colour should I not have some distinguishable way of obtaining that fairly and within reason? Speaking objectively, of course. I have no personal interest in Rust Taupe gleam.

Edit: Just messing with you @ginabean :hugs: The underlying problem here is we have no possible way of obtaining any particular colour or gleam outside the horrid, broken RNG of exoplanets.


imagine that moment when all possible gleam colors occured

no more waiting, no more anticipation


journey is so more interesting than arriving


If it is simply handed to us. Imagine a system where we could work towards what we actually want. Not boring.


[imagining hard]…