Gleam color luminosity

Is there a spreadsheet or some tool to figure out what the luminosity of each gleam?

If not is there a list of which color subsets from brightest to most dim?
I know Cold and Crisp are toward the top but i’m looking for a complete list of each gleam or each subset

From darkest to lightest the groupings are:

  1. Black, Night, Shadow
  2. Dark, Strong
  3. Deep, Hot, Silk, Oxide
  4. Pure, Warm, Stale, Rust
  5. Vivid, Light, Ashen, pale
  6. Bright, Stark, Cool, Weary
  7. White, Luminous, Crisp, Cold

Or visually I did this a while back:

Within each grouping is the most colour saturated at the left and least to the right.


Dunno if this helps any?

It’s not all from darkest to brightest, but it’s all the brightest!