Gleam gathering location ideas

yha it just seems like there is only one sure fire option if you want awesome gleam on your world. would be swell to have a few more.
I for one loved x3 the old gleam veins. I used to think it was way to op to add after 1.0 but after seeing the gleam spheres really anything goes.

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You guys should build what you think the prefabs should look like and display them here. I think uploading prefabs to some github location was a thing before, maybe I’m thinking of another game…


Can someone make a gleam monolith biome?

With stuff like this in full or partial gleam.

monolith download.jpeg images.jpeg


2nd biome request:

Is anyone talented enough to make an awesome “world crust exploding biome”?

exploding planet 4 exploding planet 3 exploding planet 2 exploding planet


I would do it myself, but I dont know how to make biomes in boundless and submit them

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I did some biomes earlier. It would be nice to get some spec for what need to be included in the biomes to submit them.

Some tests:

And the GitHub:


I just bought another myself, trying the same thing again - Gleam Lake + Sky Pattern is what I think did it there, they appear to have merged in one area causing a massive amount of gleam in one area. :slight_smile: I’ll report how it goes - tested a couple other different ones that I wasn’t sure about too. To me, well worth the $10 to try, happy to support the game… and as I mentioned over there, my first of this type (T6 toxic), though beautiful, I ruined a good part of the planet with the Trench biome selection.

Anyways, if I manage to get the same result, I’ll be sure to post! :smiley:


LOL, yeah… take -

biome1 biome2

To get…


Had this right near where I first warped in, might be better elsewhere. But it is basically the same as the other planet - border of gleam lake/sky pattern once again.

Stale red here, btw, not sure if new but may just keep the colors on this one for this billing cycle, since I’ve got the other anyways. :slight_smile:

Edit: Another pic… however, this time I’m going to see the whole thing before setting up the gleam farm, since it is a bit of work. But this spot will be it if nothing better.

Edit again:

Sorry, too good not to share… I’m surprised I didn’t break it… :rofl: And this is only a couple regions so far… (1st pic looking more at what is off in the distance by Houchus there)


Oh, there is one called floating foliage or something like that? TAKE IT!!! :smiley:

It worked out combining with the other two for THIS! :grin: :joy:

Edit: I also took Gleam Spiral, not sure if that played in here…

Edit: Hey, I see y’all’s gleam spheres… and raise ya a GLEAM SPACE WHALE! :smiley: (There is actually a gap with what looks like the head and body - 3rd pic - but it is massive, pretty sure I’ll set my first base up on the foliage island near by and set up a warp to there, especially as emerald looks good nearby)


Wow love it!

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Well now you have to make it into a flying gleam whale. With fins and tail

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Can some one with mad biome skills create a gleam cave that goes to max world height with massive full or semi gleam stalagmites and stalactites?

stal3 stal2 stal


Hmmm. I see what you’re doing here lol. Why not have someone re-create the dark glass squares biome with gleam instead :stuck_out_tongue: :smile: :grin:

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Ah, memories tunneling through Elopor’s mountains.


If anybody else has seen gleam like this, I’d like to know, because it is a first for me - I took the canopy trees simply because I like the look of them. Planet decided I didn’t have enough gleam and put it up there too! :rofl:

(That planet name getting changed soon, haven’t finalized yet)

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Paka…aka…the Gleam Whisperer :grin: :kissing_heart:


There part of me tempted to replicate this with a corrosive just for kicks, maybe will do so later… if the devs aren’t all :man_facepalming: there now and tweaking their algorithms on this as we speak… :rofl:

Seriously, you all have to visit this one when I get the portal up, it is literally funny how much it is spread around here.

Are you selecting more biomes than it says, to get them to mix? ie: Select at least 4 level 5 biomes - chooses 6

Nope, kept it to the minimum. Combining the gleam lake with other sky ones seems to be key here for sure, though I’m not sure if and how much gleam spiral plays into it.

Actually, it might be tempting to try with more mountainous biomes - to see if the gleam can merge into an actual mountain (so easier to farm). As much gleam as I have here, really two spots are the ones jumping out as the best farms, many of them have some small gaps. Tons of regular gleam spheres, but for the larger areas.


I don’t remember if it was your pic, but someone ended up with big, chonky gleam pancakes in the sky and someone else got floating square mountains in the sky to mix with gleam. Is all of this most likely to happen on a T5/T6 planet, or are these mixing on lower level planets too?

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