Gleam & shop for sale, ERESHO ULTIMA HQ

Here I have a full working set up gleam shop for sale
I’m looking to sell my gleam shop and shop building next to it.

Currently they is 1.6 million gleam for sale (that’s not including full baskets) so probably close to 1.75 million

1.5 million coins in baskets total of 69 plots

Fully built shop next door with lots of storage areas. Portals to TNT gleam hub, rivertowns, the firm portal hub. Total of 122 plots

Serious offers only.

Will you take 73,926 Coin?

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That would be a bit daft, they is 1.5 million in coins in the baskets

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I’ll take it for free.


Its all I have, you can empty the baskets first…

@JaceyLive i would take it! i think i can pay enough. pls contact me here or ingame (DreamIn).

I wouldn’t mind buying ur gleam!!!

They are all on the shop stands still

Maybe you could give an indication of what sort of offer would be serious in your view?


Approximately 1.75 million gleam available so if we were to say 2c per gleam that would be 3.5million coins - I’d be happy to take that for the gleam shop.

That’s actually a bargain for an established shop! Shame I’ve only got 11k left haha

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I’ll give you 200k for it all.

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I was serious about my offer FYI. We’ll call it even afterwards.


you do know gleam cannot be used as portal fuel, right @georgegroeg? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

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Oh I’m aware. I want the coin in the baskets too. :rofl: and maybe there’s some lucent blocks hidden in there too. One can hope at least.


@georgegroeg I’ll take the left overs.


Yeah. I’d happily pay that for the gleam + remaining coin in the baskets, though I assume Jacey prefers selling to someone that would keep the shop alive whereas I already have one set up

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If its still avaiable ill buy it off @JaceyLive

its not available anymore becurse he sold it while he had a deal with me!

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this can be closed so?